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Working to connect these families:
        Arrick, Arick, Ark, Arke, Orrick, Orick, Orrock, Rock, O'Rourk, etc.
Related names:
        Allen, Alphin, Anderson, Ashley, Bates, Beckham, Cockrum, Cash, Elkins,
        Erwin, Evans, Ford, Jarrell, Hardin, Harrison, Lance, Meredith,
        Muncy, Nall, Northcutt, Nunley, Parker, Rains, Ricketts, Scott,
        Smith, Summers, Talley, Whitlock, Williams, Wood, etc.
        Counties: TN: Warren, Hardin, Wayne, Lincoln, Cannon, etc.
        AR: Pulaski, Crawford. MD: Anne Arundel. VA, NC, SC, KY
        United States, Fife Scotland, Australia, and beyond...

John Riley and Minerva Arrick

I started this website in 2006 to document my research on John Riley Arrick's ancestors. It has grown to include all related Arricks along with other surnames that are now known to be directly related including Orrick, Orick, Arick, Oroark, etc I'm now using DNA testing to figure out the more difficult parts. These families came to Maryland from Fife Scotland as ORROCK around 1650 and spread throughout the U.S.      -Roger Arrick

See the Orrick's in the US Chart, and John Orrick's chart

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Looking to connect to Claude Harrison Arrick's branch and Pauline Ethel Arrick's branch

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• Lewis, Allen, or Matthew Orrick from the 1800's.

Old Orrick Cemetery Info - Warren Co. TN.

• Any Orricks in KY, SC, NC, GA from 1750-1850.

John Riley Arrick's grave, obit, death cert, pictures.

Thomas Burris Thomasson's grave, obit, pictures.

• Info on Woodmen of the World Camp #770 - Kaufman Co TX.


Famous Orricks

Places of Orrick, Orick, Orrock, etc.

Figure out cousins with this chart or this chart.

Scottish naming traditions and the most common surnames

Tombstones can be funny
Pillsbury Doughboy Obit


 Latest Research
Cannon Qualls research page

Audio Orrick/Arrick History by Roger Arrick #1 (60 meg)
Audio Orrick/Arrick History by Roger Arrick #2 (118 meg)

1/4/2018 John Riley Arrick/Ark/Orrick arrest for carrying a pistol in Coffee Co TN 1883.

2/2/2016 I'm starting genealogy chat groups on facebook for each county in TN, join us.

2/2/2016 Stick Tennessee community search.

2/1/2016 New Pictures from The Cash family of Coffee Co TN 1930 Cash Reunion - Mack Cash and brother Levi Cash - Article with Mack Cash

4/2014 Harrison Markers at the Stricklin cemetery, Hardin Co TN.

6/2012 James Orrick - Texas Old Three Hundred 1824

1/2012 Pictures of the Harrison and Stricklin homes Hardin Co, TN The Yellow house is where Minerva Viola Harrison was raised, the grey house is their Stricklin neighbors. Minerva's sister Caledonia married a Stricklin. These pictures were taken on my Apr 2011 trip with cousin Ron Stricklin.

1/2012 Big Springs Church and Cemetery Wilma and me Apr 2011. This is behind a house on Petigap Rd near Alton Davenport intersection. It was started in 1850 after Allen Orrick died. Henry Derryberry and other neighbors of the Warren Co TN Orricks are buried there. Foundation Docs

1/2012 James Allen Orrick death cert The last son of Allen Orrick and Martha Hardin. I think this might be the only death cert listing Allen. Mom's name says Martha McHenry which isn't right.

12/28/2011 TB Thomasson Death Notice!

10/2011 Picture of Fannie Arrick Baugus!!
Dau of Margaret Qualls Orrick/Arrick Nunley and probably William B. Nunley although her death cert says John Nunley.

7/4/10 Russell Orick Grave Moving by Frank Orick

6/26/10 New pictures of Pauline Arrick from new-found Cousin Amy!!

6/2/10 Civil War Enlistment for William B Nunley

4/10 Used Radar to find Orrick Cemetery in Warren Co TN - Details coming

8/6/09 Another ORROCK from Australia in DNA study

7/27/09 Arick from PA in DNA study

7/24/09 New ORROCK from Australia in DNA study

5/8/09 Picture of Leaty Ann Orrick Jarrell

4/22/09 Found deed proving Orrick Cemetery

Old Orrick Farm House in 1976, Barn in 1969

Roger's TN research trip Apr 12-19th

2/14/09 Grundy Co Newsletter article - by Roger Arrick

35th Roster of 2400 men

1/09 Mourning the passing of cousin Ken Orrick.

12/2/08 DNA test says Wm Arrick/Hannah Moon line not connected to MD Orricks.

11/26/08 DNA test proves Pike Co Arkansas Orricks are descended from the Maryland Orricks.

12/23/08 Big Questions list with free steak dinner reward!

10/12/08 Orrick history in the USA Chart

10/3/08 Member of N. Indiana Arricks joined DNA project

8/23/08 Arrick Reunion pictures - Temple TX 2008

8/20/08 Member of Pike Co AR Orricks joined DNA project

8/10/08 Orrick Cemetery ad in Southern Standard Newspaper

7/26/08 Updated John Orrick 1827 Tree Drawing

7/26/08 William B. Nunley Grave Nunley Cemetery, Warren Co, TN
Husband of Margaret Arrick

7/20/08 Fannie Arrick found!
John Riley Arrick's half-sister!

7/11/08 My Maxwell-House Funny Tombstone
published in Family Tree Magazine Aug Issue

7/6/08 Dollins Family Reunion photo 1908 Orrick Descendants

5/5/08 Nancy Orrick Research Page

5/3/08 John and Margaret Orrick Family of Mid-TN

5/1/08 DNA Project Updates!

4/23/08 Pictures and documents from trip to TN (1730 miles)
John Riley Arrick Marriage Cert
James C. Arrick Marriage Cert
Coffee Co TN
Lincoln Co TN
Hardin Co TN
Warren Co TN - McMinnville, Centertown
Wayne Co TN
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - Coffee Co. TN
McClure Cemetery - Franklin Co. TN
Old Orrick Cemetery - Warren Co. TN
Oak Grove Cemetery - Warren Co. TN
Blanton's Chapel Cemetery - Coffee Co TN
Cherry Cemetery - Cannon Co TN
Wilson's Chapel Cemetery - Warren Co TN
Whitlock Cemetery - Warren Co TN
Buchannan Cemetery - Wayne Co TN
Prairie Plains Cemetery - Coffee Co TN
Zion Hill Cemetery - Coffee Co TN
Centertown Cemetery - Warren Co TN
Stricklin/Harrison Cemetery - Hardin Co. TN
Paynes Church Cemetery - Franklin Co. TN

4/6/08 Margaret Ark Nunley pension app documents (6mb PDF)

4/6/08 Manley Wilson Story
Eye-Witness to shooting of John Orrick at Battle of Shiloh

4/5/08 Letter from Willene Orrick Rigney (2mb PDF) 1978 about
Nancy Orrick, John Rains, the demise of the old Orrick cemetery,
and the headstone used to build a porch.

4/5/08 Back of John Riley and Minerva tin type (large)

4/1/08 Orrick Spreadsheet
to help us organize events to aid research

3/28/08 Family Tree Charts Page Started

3/18/08 DNA Project partial results!
Warren TN Arricks and E-TN Oricks are from the Maryland Orricks!
And more.

1/11/08 Places of Orrick, Orick, Orrock, etc.

12/25/07 History of Orrick and Duzan Families in KY (PDF)

12/23/07 Jesse J. Smith Obit - Husband of Pauline Ethel Arrick

12/17/07 Florence Ada Nall's birth certificate
Showing 6 kids for Mary and JG. We only know of 4. Mistake?

12/15/07 Willoughby W. Orrick

12/15/07 Pictures of Roger doing the DNA test

11/25/07 DNA Project to connect Arricks, Orricks, Oricks and others

11/2007 Randy and Roger West Texas Trip
Erwins and Randy, Erwins and Roger, Erwin house
Abilene Brick Company, Plum and 13th
Cisco Cemetery - Nall, etc
Seaton Cemetery - Thomasson, Stiles, Kirkendoll, etc
Abilene Cemetery - Arrick, Claxton, Thomasson, Rich, etc
Phantom Hill Cemetary - Myatt, Berryhill, etc
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Potosi Cemetery - Kirkendall, Glover, Fuqua, etc
Grace Methodist Bulldozed
Leonard L. Arrick burial flag
Large Mollie Thomasson picture

Thomas Burris Thomasson page

Forney Woodmen picture #1 1909 -- picture #2 -- picture #3

Misc stuff from the Kaufman library:
Infant Nalls Grave at Blackland
JG Nall Pension App 1914
Ollie Cash and Wm.J. (Billie) Starnes - Terrell, TX
Jessie J. Roddy Group Sheet,
Jesse J. Roddy History #1
Jesse J. Roddy History #2
Jesse J. Roddy History #3 (w/Levi)
Jesse J. Roddy History #4

Pauline Ethel Arrick Baby picture found in the Forney Archives

Leonard L. Arrick page

Pauline Ethel Arrick's Death Certificate

Pages have been created for John Riley's siblings
James C, Elizabeth Violet, Sarah Elizabeth and Laura.

James and Susan Harrison Gravesite and Homeplace - Hardin Co, TN
Map 1, Map 2, Map 3

Famous and Infamous Orricks

Lewis and Henry Orrick - Outlaws in Missouri
Article 1, Article 2, Article 3

Old Orrick Cemetery
Near Centertown, TN - Pushed into a Well?

Modern Day Orrick Distribution

Oreck Family as in vacuum cleaners

John Riley Arrick in the 1900 Kaufman Co Tax Rolls

ARRICK, James T and Frances B Grave
Thank you Joyce for the Picture!

Laura Arrick
Husband Peter Cornelison - Coffee Co, TN

See how some Mid-TN Orricks Became Modern-Day Arricks

Warren Co Plat Records showing Allen and Lewis Orrick
Barren Fork and the Barrens

James Andrew Orrick
Pictures of Orrick graves in Rylie Cemetery - Dallas, TX
These Orricks are descended from James Allen Orrick and Elizabeth Muncy, TN
through their son James Andrew Orrick and wife Mary Pearl (Nelms) Orrick.

Beckham Family Connection
Mary Frances Beckham married James C. Arrick 1877 - Hardin Co, TN

Forney TX Woodmen Picture about 1908- Small - Large

Mary Lee Arrick
Husband James Granville Nall Sr. - John Riley's Daughter

James Allen Orrick
John Riley Arrick's Uncle

Sallie Bleer Breshers Wooley
Signed as 'Aunt' on Mary Lee Arrick's birth certificate.
Also info on Fannie E. Alewine who signed it.
And possible connection to Jane Prator, her sister.

The John Orricks of TN Born 1863

Hamlin/Abilene trip 10/06 - Randy and Roger

Abilene Brick Plant

Riley TX Orricks

Civil War Arricks, Orricks and others

List of all 80 Arrick in the 1850 census
List of all 86 Aricks in the 1850 census
List of all 155 Orricks in the 1850 census
List of all 71 Oricks in the 1850 census

John Ark


John and Margaret Orrick Family of Mid-TN
This family was the basis of many future Arricks
Follow them in the 1850-1880 Census
See the Giant Tree Drawing

See how these Mid-TN Orricks Became Arricks



John Riley and Minerva Arrick Family
Under Construction - Claude's page is awating info

See how these Mid-TN Orricks Became Arricks



Miracle Picture
Pauline Ethel Arrick around 1904 - Forney Texas
When the Forney archives were being moved to the Kaufman library
in Sept 07, this picture fell out and Kathey Hunt saw the writing
on the back 'Ethel Arrick'. Thank You Kathey!
Click the picture for a giant size.


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