James C. Arrick/Orrick

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Warren Arrick, Benjamin Harrison Arrick, Pearl (Arrick) Wood, Robert Arrick
4 Children of James Arrick and Mary Frances Beckham
Picture supplied by Susan and Ron Arrick, TN



Name: James C. Orrick - Used Arrick. Middle name possibly Calvin
Father: John Orrick (1827-1862), died from wounds at Shiloh
Mother: Margaret (Peggy) (1830-1906)
Born: Sept 1850 in Warren Co, TN
Married: Mary Frances Beckham (Apr 1860-4 Nov 1913) on 27 Dec 1877 - certificate
    William R, born 28 Feb 1884, married Birdie R 1908, died 2 Jan 1928 WW1 Draft
    Benjamin Harrison, born 30 Jun 1889, married Edna 1912, died 29 Sept 1968 WW1 Draft
    Warren James, born 22 Dec 1894, died Nov 1951 WW2 Draft
    Robert Taylor, born 22 Oct 1897, married Madeline White 27 Jun 1918, died 22 Nov 1994 WW1 Draft
    Pearl Fleety, born 1903 married Ellis Woods in 1922, died Jul 26 1970
Career: Saw Mill
Died: 1907 - Death certificate not found
Buried: Buchanan Cemetery, Wayne Co, TN (2 miles N. of Waynesboro) grave
Obit: Unknown - Help!
Pictures: Unknown - Help!
Migration: Warren Co TN, to Hardin Co, to Wayne Co



If you have any corrections or additions, please Email me.

The effort to uncover the family of John Riley Arrick lead to this research. There are many pieces of evidence that make the case for James C being John Riley's older brother from the Orrick family of Warren Co, TN.

John Riley Arrick is shown married to Minerva Harrison in Hardin Co TN, just as J.C. Arrick and M. F. Beckham. The Harrison family owned a saw mill in Hardin Co and that matches James' occupation in the 1900 census.

James C. is shown in the Orrick family of Warren TN in 1850, 1860; and Grundy TN in 1870 with John Riley. Between 1870/1880, the county line of Grundy and Coffee changed. The 1870 census has this Orrick family written Arke which is how they pronounced it. Arnold Arrick (1922) confirmed that his grandfather James grew up in Coffee County.

In 1880 James is missing from the Orrick/Arrick family and appears with Mary Frances - the timing matches perfectly. Mother-in-Law Jane is living with them - she was never married and Mary Frances' father is unknown according to a Beckham family researcher.

The main confusion is that the Orrick name was pronounced Ark and sometimes written Ark, Arke, Arrick or Arick. After the father of this family died at the battle of Shiloh in 1862, the Orrick name was usually written as it was pronounced. Many in this family are referred to as Ark in various documents. Here is an example (Next to last name). See this page about how Orricks became Arricks

Another point of confusion is the birth date and middle initial on James' grave which says: James T. 1833-1907. I believe the birthdate was meant to be 1853 since that is what he used in the 1870 and 1880 census, but he was certainly born on 1850 because he is listed in the 1850 census as 2 months old. If 1833 was right then he would have been 28 years older than Mary Frances - not impossible but unlikely. Arnold Arrick (1922) confirmed that the duty of obtaining James' headstone was given to Ellis Woods and he had incorrect information.

The middle initial of T is also a mistake - C is shown in his marriage record to Mary Frances, and in the 1850 census. Could this middle name be Claude/Clyde/Calvin? John Riley's son is named Claude Harrison. The Harrison part obviously comes from Minerva's side, but is the Claude significant? There is also a grandson through Ethel named Claude Harrison, and grandson through Claude, and granddaughter Claudia through Claude.
Since James C was John and Margaret Orrick's first-born son, could Claude be his father's middle name?

If you have the answer, please Email me.



The 1850 Census in Warren Co TN shows the Orrick Family:

Orrick, John, 23, Labor, TN (b 1827)
Orrick, Margaret, 21, TN (b 1829)
Orrick, Sarah E., 2, TN (b 1848)
Orrick, James C., 2mo, TN (b Sept 1850)



The 1860 Census Page 1, Page 2 in Warren Co TN shows the Orrick Family:
Orrick, Jno., age 34 (b 1826)
Orrick, Margaret, age 30 (b 1830), House Keeper
Orrick, Sarah, 12? (b 1848) Sarah Elizabeth
Orrick, James, age 9 (b 1851) Age is creeping
Orrick, Laura, age 7 (b 1853)
Orrick, William, age 5 (b 1855)
Orrick, Vilet?, age 3 (b 1857) - Elizabeth Violet
Orrick, Margaret, age 1 (b 1859)
All born in Tenn



The 1870 Census in Grundy Co TN shows this Arke Family:

Arke, Pegy - 50 (b 1820) Margaret, Age off 10 years
Arke, Bettie - 20 (b 1850) Sarah Elizabeth
Arke, Laura - 18 (b 1852)
Arke, James - 17 (b 1853) James C
Arke, Calaway - 15 (b 1855) is this William?
Arke, Louisa - 12 (b 1858) Elizabeth Violet
Arke, John - 10 (b 1860) John Riley
Arke, Fanne - 9 (b 1861) Possibly Margaret Frances


1877 Marriage to Mary Frances Beckham

Marriage certificate received by Hardin County Clerk Nov 2006.

J. C. Arrick to M. F. Beckham
27 Dec 1877
License date: 26 Dec 1877
Hardin Co, TN
by S. C. Austin, M. G. (Minister of the Gospel)
Clerk: H. R. Hinkle
Book #1, page 449
Witnessed by: J. C. Arrick and J. G. Beckum (Probably mother Jane).

Obviously this is just a printed form with data entered from a book, not a copy of a document.

This microfilm image shows the marriage also.

John Riley and Manerva's marriage is also listed on this microfilm and married in Hardin Co. This is powerful evidence that John and James are connected.

Note from Ron Stricklin:
I have a copy of the Marriage Records Of Hardin County Tennessee, the Oldest Existing Book, and Book 1, 1859 - 1878 and J. C. is the only Arrick listed. His marriage to M. F. "Beckum" was witnessed by J. C. Arrick and J. G. "Beckum". And S. C. Austin officiated only three more ceremonies during this period: Buck Beckham & Minerva Franks and Andrew Kelly & Eliza Franks, both witnessed by L. R. Beckham, and Harvey Brewington & Lucinda Milligan. The Austins were from Highway 69 at Hollands Creek. I also have a copy of the Hardin County Cemetery Census and there are no Arricks listed.

Note from Roger:
Minerva Viola Franks who married Buck Beckham, had the same name as Minerva Viola Harrison (John Riley's wife), lived nearby. The Franks family is from NC just like the Orrick family. The location Ron mentions is just a few miles south of Savannah where John Riley was married.



The 1880 Census in Wayne Co shows James and Mary Frances:
They are transcribed incorrectly in most databases as Arick.

Arick, James - 27 (b 1853) Farmer
Arick, Mary F. - 20 (b 1860) Wife
Beckham, Jane - 44 (b. 1836) Mother-in-Law

Here is his mother Margaret, and the other kids including John Riley, now in Coffee, TN. Census page.

TN map with counties of interest highlighted - Click for a Larger Image



Census burnt. DANG!



The 1900 Census in Wayne Co shows this Arrick Family:

Jim Arrick - 56 (b June 1844) Worker at Sawmill
M H Arrick 40 - (b Apr 1860) Mother of 8 children, 4 still alive.
Will Arrick - 14 (b Feb 1886) Fireman
Harrison Arrick - 8 (b Jun or Jan 1892)
Warren Arrick - 6 (b Nov 1893)
Robert Arrick - 2 (b Oct 1897)

Both Jim and M H above say they have been married 22 years.
This comes close to matching the microfilm shown above.
Mary's middle initial doesn't match but there are numbers overwritten on the original.
Jim's age is off a few years but the census image is not real clear.



The 1910 Census in Wayne Co shows this Ark Family:

Frances Ark - 42?? Widowed
Harrison Ark - 20 (b 1890) Working at Stone Mill
Warren Ark - 16 (b 1894) Working at Stone Mill
Robert Ark - 13 (b 1897) Working at Stone Mill
Fleety Ark - 7 (b 1903)

This is revealing. 'Ark' is a common pronunciation leading to a misspelling.
Jim is gone, now 'Frances' is head.
'Frances' could be Mary's middle name 'F'.
Her birthdate is off, but the original is not clear.

Here is Will and his new family in Hardin Co, TN. Census page

William R Ark - 27 (b 1883) Sawyer at Stone Mill
Birdia Ark - 21 (b 1889)
Clyde R Ark - 2 (b 1908)
Bular F Ark - 1/12 (b 1910)
Also, 2 boarders working at Stone Mill



The 1920 Census in Wayne Co shows the new Ark Families:

These 2 families are on the same census page meaning they were living close:

Robert Ark - 22 (b 1898) working at Stone Mill
Mattie L Ark - 17 (b 1903)
Ellen L Ark - 8/12 (b 1920)

Harrison Ark - 31 (b 1889) working at Stone Mill
Edna Ark - 34 (b 1886)
Jimmie Ark - 8 (b 1912)
Frankie Ark - 6 (b 1914)

Most of the adult males living nearby are working at the Stone Mill.

So, where is Warren and William? Found them in Vanderburgh Co, Indiana!
Here is the census page

Mill Arrick - 35 (b 1885) Should be Will
Birdie R Arrick - 31 (b 1889) Wife
Beulah Arrick - 9 (b 1911)
Myrtle Arrick - 5 (b 1915)
Henry P Arrick - 2 3/12 (b 1918)
Warren Arrick - 23 (b 1897) Brother
Pearl Arrick - 17 (b 1903) Sister - must be Fleety
Clyde missing.

Here is the Evansville City Directory in 1922 showing Pearl Arrick, Robert, William.

IN map with counties of interest highlighted - Click for a Larger Image



The 1930 census page 1, page 2 in Vanderburg Co IN shows Robert and Warren living with Pearl and her husband Ellis Wood:

Ellis Woods - 30 (b 1900 in KY) Shipping Clerk Bobo Ford Facility
Pearl Woods - 28 (b 1903) This must be Fleety Pearl Arrick
Frances Wood - 8 (b 1922) daughter
Bettye Woods - 2 (b 1928) daughter
Patrick Woods - 21 (b 1909) Brother of Ellis
Robert Arrick - 32 (b 1888) Brother of Pearl
Helen Arrick - 10? Daughter of Robert?
Warren Arrick - 35 (b 1905) Brother of Pearl, Plasterer

Here is Harrison's growing family in now in Madison Co, New Market, Alabama, census page.

Random picture of stone being sawed Harrison Arrick - 41 (b 1889), Saw Filier at Stone mill
Edna Arrick - 42 (1888)
James (Jimmy) Arrick - 18 (b 1912), working at Stone mill
Frank Arrick - 17 (b 1913), working at Stone mill
Mary Lou Arrick - 10 (b 1920)
Arnold Arrick - 8 (b 1922) <- talked to him 10/06
Ralph Arrick - 6 (b 1924)

The Vanderburgh Co, IN Census shows Birdie as head of household. Will is missing.

Birdie Arrick - 39
Myrtle Arrick - 15
Henry Arrick - 12
Dorthy Arrick - 9
Rolanda Arrick - 3
Harold Arrick - 1
And a boarder.



The 1940 Census will be available to the public in 2012.



Pictures provided by Larry V. Ham in Evansville IN, Heather Moesner, Joyce, and by Ron and Susan Arrick in TN.

Grave of James and Mary Frances provided by Joyce
Picture of Warren Arrick
Picture of Helen (Basham) Lamb, Pearl (Arrick) Wood, Madeline (White) Arrick, Helen Louise Arrick - about 1920
Picture of Mary Frances (Beckham) Arrick
Picture of Possibly Grandy Joddy Arrick - sister twin
Picture of Logging Camp #1
Picture of Logging Camp #2
Picture of Jimmie Arrick, Arnold Arrick, Mary Lou Arrick Roberts, Frank Arrick, Edna Roberson Arrick, Benjamin Harrison Arrick
Picture of Unknown
Picture of Jimmie Arrick, Ellis Wood, Betty Wood, Pearl Wood, Mary Lou Roberts, Maneline Roberts (Mary Lou's daughter), Bessie Arrick (Jimmie's wife)
Picture of Warren Arrick, Benjamin Harrison Arrick, Pearl Wood, Robert Arrick

Picture of Edna Roberson's family's information
Picture Three Churches School 1921 with Frankie and Jimmy ARK
Picture of William and Birdie (Beckham) Arrick
Picture of Birdie (Beckham) Arrick
Picture of Myrtle Arrick Married Charles Ham with baby Larry
Picture of Myrtle Mae Arrick - circa 1928
Picture of Ron, Sharon Ham, Harold Gene Arrick
Picture of William, Beulah, baby Myrtle, Birdie - circa 1916
Picture of William, Michael Arrick & Larry and Dorthy Sharon Ham - circa 1949
Picture of Russell Netherton and Bride Dorthy Arrick
Affidavit by Birdie Beckham about name
Marriage Certificate Birdie Beckham and Finous Basham
Birth Certificate for Ronald Arrick
Death Certificate for Ronald Arrick - Front
Death Certificate for Ronald Arrick - Back
Navy Discharge for Ronald Arrick
Navy Picture of Ronald Arrick
Harold Arrick
Ronald and Harold Arrick 1944

Pictures from James Heidlebaugh's Beckham CD

Picture of grave for Aaron Kyle Arrick
Picture of grave for Beulah Arrick Smothers and Ronald W. Arrick
Picture of grave for Birdie and William Arrick
Picture of grave for William Arrick
Picture of grave for Harold G. and Helen E. Arrick
Picture of grave for Henry Paul Arrick
Picture of grave for Madeline N. Arrick
Picture of grave for Pearl F. Arrick
Picture of grave for Robert and Olive O. Arrick
Picture of grave for Jack Zachariah Beckham
Picture of Zachariah Beckham
Picture of Zachariah Beckham's wife
Picture of grave for John B. Beckham
Picture of grave for Minerva Viola Beckham Franks
Picture of grave for Charles A. Ham, Husband of Myrtle
Picture of grave for Myrtle M. Arrick Ham
Picture of grave for Betty C. Wood
Picture of grave for Frances I. Wood

Brief history of Arricks in Evansville IN, By Larry Ham.


Phone Conversation with Arnold (1922) Arrick 4/18/07

He confirmed that James did indeed grow up in Coffee County.

Confirmed that Ellis Woods made a mistake on James' tombstone and that he knew the info was wrong.

Said there was an Arrick who owned a shoe store in the 30's but they didn't know where he came from.

Harrison made whiskey barrels in Collinswood.

Ellis Wood's daughter Frances (now passed) worked on genealogy of the family for about 5 years.

Never heard the Qualls name.
Never heard about James' father at Shiloh.
Doesn't know James' middle name.
Never seen a picture of James but said there probably is one somewhere.
Never seen an obit.

Somebody at the Waynesboro courthouse (burned) said that James' brother was a preacher.

Said there use to be pictures layed out at family reunions but doesn't know what happened to them. Tragic!

Moved to IN for about 3 years, Mother got sick and moved back.

Said that Benjamin Harrison was born in 1886.



Many of these Obits were provided by the excellent Beckham family tree that is on the web and is easly found.

November 5, 1913
Mrs. Frances Arrick, age 52, died at the home of her son William Arrick, 23 Dennison street, Howell, Tuesday morning at 12:15 O'clock of a complication of diseases. She is survived by two daughters and four sons. The remains will be sent to Adams County in Tennessee today for burial.

January 3, 1928
William Arrick, 44, 115 Genung street, died at his home at 6 O'clock yesterday morning. Funeral services will be held at his home at 1:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Burial will be in Locust Hill Cemetery. Surviving are the widow, Birdie; three daughters, Beulah, Dorothy and Myrtle, two sons, Paul and Rudolph; one sister Mrs Ella Woods, and three brothers.

July 10, 1947
Webster County, KY. Providence Journal-Enterprise, Thursday, July 10, 1947.
Jackson RAYBORN, 20, of Evansville, formerly of Clay, was killed instantly Saturday afternoon in an automobile wreck near Evansville in which five other persons were injured. The car in which they were riding crashed into a viaduct railing just outside Howell on the old Henderson road. A section of railing, a two-by-eight inch timber about 16 feet long, penetrated the side of the car and was said to have caused the young man's death. Others injured were Ronald ARRICK, Henry Arrick, Donald MAYES, Jack WINFREY, and Donald ERNSPIGER, all of Evansville. Leo LAUGEL, also of Evansville, driver of the car, was uninjured. Mr. Rayborn was employed by International Harvester. During the war he served in the 82nd airborne paratrooper division for 19 months. He was overseas for three months. Survivors are his mother, Mrs. Catherine Rayborn; a brother, Walter; and three sisters, Mrs. Dorothy STONECIPHER, Mrs. Ruth RAY, and Mrs. Jimmie VANOVER, all of Evansville. The body was brought Monday afternoon to Franklin Funeral Home in Clay. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the General Baptist church in Clay, with the Rev. R.T. MITCHELL officiating, assisted by the Rev. C.H. HOWARD. Burial was in I.O.O.F. cemetery, Clay.

July 28, 1947
Evansville Newspaper. Dies in hospital - Ronald W. Arrick, ww, of 1617 Ewing Av., died yesterday at Veterans hospital, Marion, IL of injuries incurred in a July 5 traffic accident in which Jackson C. Rayborn, 20, of 2819 C Street, was kiled instantly. The crash occurred on the viaduct on the Old Henderson road near Howell. A timber from the viaduct went through the car which was driven by Leo Laugel, 25, of 912 South Barker Av. Young Arrick, a veteran of WWII, having served with the navy in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, suffered a skull fracture, fracture of the right leg, and internal injuries. He was a patient at Deaconess hospital from the time of the crash until July 21, when he was transferred to the Veterans hospital. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Birdie Basham, two sisters, Mrs. Dorothy Netherton, Mrs. Mrytle Ham, and two brothers, Henry who was also inured in the crash, and Harold of Evansville. The body is at the Alexander Funeral home, arrangements have not been completed.

November 21, 1951
Warren J Arrick, 58, died at Welborn Baptist Hospital at 6:10 p.m. Tuesday after a long illness. He was a resident of Henderson, KY and a former resident of Evansville. Mr Arrick was a member of Howell Methodist Church and of the American Legion. Survivors include the wife, Lovie; two step-daughters, Mrs. Carl Wright, of Owensboro, and Mrs. Frank Griffith, of South Carolina; two step-sons, Fred and James Watson, both of Henderson; two brothers, Robert Arrick of Evansville, and Harrison Arrick of Huntsville, TN; and one sister, Mrs Ellis Wood of Evansville. The body is at the Tapp Funeral Home. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

December 6, 1953
Mrs. Birdie Basham, 64, of 1626 South Tekoppel Avenue, died at 6:30 a.am Friday at Deaconess hospital. She was a member of Howell Methodist Church. Surviving are two daughters, daughter, Mrs. Charles Ham of Evansville, and Mrs. Russell Netherton, of Glendora, Calif.; two sons, Henry Arrick of Evansville, and Pfc. Harold Arrick of Ft. Sheridan, Ill.; a sister, Mrs. John L. Marrs, of Evansville; two brothers, Louis and Harvey Beckham, both of Evansville, and eight grandchildren. Alexander funeral home will complete funeral services.

September 30, 1968
Harrison Arrick, 82, formerly of Evansville, died yesterday at the Winchester (Tenn) Hospital. While living in Evansville, he was employed by the L and N Railroad. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Mary lou Roberts; sons, James, Frank, Arnold and Ralph, all of Huntland, Tenn, a brother; Robert; and a sister, Mrs. Ellis Wood, both of Evansville; and five grandchildren. Funeral will be at 2:30 p.m. tommorrow in Moore Funeral Home in Winchester. Burial will be in Hintland Cemetery.

Oct 5 1969
Henry Paul Arrick, 52, of 1613 Delmar Av., died at 3 p.m. Sunday at Veterans Hospital in Marion, IL. Arrick was a self-employed painter. He was a veteran of WWII and a member of VFW Post 1114. Surviving are two sons, William H. and Michael of Evansville; a sister, Mrs. Dorothy Netherton of Colton, CA; a brother, Harold of Evansville, and three grandchildren. Friends may call after 6 pm Monday at Alexander Funeral Home West Chapel.

July 26, 1970
Mrs. Ellis (Pearl) Wood, 69, Democratic precinct committee woman in Ward Six was dead on arrival at Deaconess Hospital at 9:30 a.m. Saturday after suffering an apparent heart attack. Mrs. Wood, of 1806 Glendale Ave, was a member of Vanderburgh County Democratic Women's Organization, Vanderburgh County Home Demonstration Club, Senior Citizens, Howell United Methodist Church, and a charter member of Women's Society of Christian Service at the church. Suviving besides her husband are a foster dautgher Mrs. Paul Tuley of Evansville and a brother Robert Arrick of Evansville. Service will be at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at Alexander Funeral Home West chapel with Rev. Ashland Shaw officiating. Burial will be in Memoial Park Cemetery.

November 23, 1994
Robert Arrick, 97, of Evansville, died at 1:25 p.m. yesterday at Deaconess Hospital. Mr Arrick, a member of Howell United Methodist Church and its Men's Club was retired as an overhead-crane operator at Bucyrus-Erie, where he was a member of the 28 Year-Club. His wife, Olive, died in 1986. He was also preceded in death by a daughter, Helen Arrick Tuley, a son, Paul Wendell Tuley, and a stepson; John Alva Tuley. Surviving are grandchildren, Patricia Ann Cox, John Wendell Tuley, Barbara Cordova and Lisa Marie Torres; five great-grandchildren; and a sister-in-law, Ravah Lee Morton of Evansville. Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Alecander Memorial Park Cemetery Chapel, with the Rev. Janice Akers-DuBois officiating. Burial will be in Alexander Memorial Park. Friends may call from 6 to 9 p.m. today at Alexander Funeral Home West Chapel.



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