Russell Orick Grave Moving - 2010

Last updated July 4, 2010

My name is Sherman Franklin Orick Jr. ( Frank ). My GreatGrandFather Russell Orick, whose grave site is shown in the photos below, was relocated in 2010 for both honorable and practical reasons.

Russell was buried in 1920 at an unusual location at the corner of Long Hollow and Coolidge Rd in an area called Coolidge where a small store once stood. I have no details as to why he was buried there, but after seeing the residents of the adjoining property having a yard sale at this site, I was compelled to have him moved to the cemetery where his wife Eliza Bailey Orick and several of his children are.

      Davis Chapel Community Baptist Church Cemetery
      782 Carr Wynn Road
      La Follette
      Campbell County

Russell is the son of Robinson and Elizabeth Orick. He was a Veteran of the Civil War, the Father of twelve children, a farmer and a coal miner. One of his sons was my Grandfather - Isaac George Orick.

I would like to thank all the my relatives close and distant who helped with this effort both financially and supportively.

Russell Orick's grave was in an unusual location
and not well respected

May 2010, the grave was moved

Russell's grave now with his wife and family members


Garage Sale
Russell's remains will be put in here
Signing the release forms
See how close the utility poles are
Grover Housely
Charles Mcneely and Frank Orick
Digging with a shovel now, probing
Two feet deep
Three feet
Four feet
Finding pieces of nearly petrified wood. Most likely the lid
Found some larger pieces of wood and several pieces of hardware from the casket
Well over six feet deep now , nothing but hard clay and rock. Truly believe this is the bottom.
The stone was broke off down in the ground. Will still use it. May contact the Veterans Administration.
Everything found in the grave was put in the box
I wrote a letter the other day and put in
These larger boards were on the bottom
Believe this to be a tip of a handle
Some ornate pieces may just be for decoration
This young man is Brent Mcneely ( Charles's Son) who also helped
Closing up for transport
Had to use Ricky Bailey's John Deere to load. The Kubota just didn't have the heart. Thanks Rickey!
Glad we were in farm country.
Arrived at Davis Chapel Cemetery. Grover dug this on the previous day
This end is the head of the grave
These Men were very cautious and professional
Even the Deere needed a little counter weight. Thats me on the back
This gives a better shot of the broken Headstone
Wife of Russell
With his wife Eliza by his side and several family members surrounding him



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