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Where is John Riley Arrick Buried?
My great grandfather. Should be simple right? Nope.
I'm pretty sure it's in, or around Kaufman County TX somewhere. I think he died around summer of 1906 because he is on the 1906 tax rolls, and one of Claude's descendants says that Claude had to run on the hot dirt to get others. John Riley was married to Minerva Viola Harrison, and had 4 little kids. He has a daughter buried in an unmarked grave in the defunct Blackland/Sanders cemetery, but no other hints that he is buried there. No death certificate at the state level or in Kaufman Co. has been found. It's possible that the death cert was made in a nearby county. Dallas Co has not been checked yet....Randy?? An obit is not found for him in the local newspaper that I can find after 10 hours of searching through the last remaining newspaper of that time.


Where is Thomas Burris Thomasson Buried?
Another missing great grandfather. Should be simple right? Nope.
He died 24 Jul 1903 in Cisco TX, but a place of burial is not given. He is not found in the Cisco cemetery books.


What happened to Thomas Burris Thomasson's wooden leg?
Thomas lost his leg in the civil war (17th MS), applied for a wooden leg, and received one. Apparently this leg was kept by Mollie after his death. Leonard W. Arrick said that when he was a kid, he found the leg at Mollie's house in a closet and got in trouble for playing with it. It was the only time he had seen her get mad. Derriel says that when he was a kid (mid 1950's) he saw what he thinks might have been this wooden leg at a relative's house on a dirt road - possibly Uvala TX. There is a chance this family heirloom survives.


Where is the Old Orrick Cemetery in Warren Co TN?
I've been searching high and low for where my ancestors are buried with no luck. The reason, they had their own cemetery, and apparently in the 1940's it was cleared and pushed into a well. The property is south of Centertown. 4 generations of my family are buried there and countless others. Stories indicate that marked headstones might have survived and used for nearby construction projects.



What happened to Fannie Arrick?
Fannie was John Riley's little step sister. Her mother was Maragaret Qualls, her father William B. Nunley. The answer is: Fannie moved to Hardin Co TN and married Wm Baugus and had a big family.


Why did Margaret and Fannie use the Arrick name even after she married Nunley?
After Margaret's husband John was killed at the Battle of Shiloh, Margaret remarried a Union man William B. Nunley in 1868. They had at least one child - Fannie. Margaret and Fannie used the Arrick name in her pension application, on the census, and even on Fannie's marriage certificate and death certificate.


Who are Margaret Qualls Orrick/Arrick's (1830-1906) Parents?
Margaret was in Warren Co TN around 1847 and married John Orrick. Her maiden name is definitely qualls as stated on 2 of her children's death certificates. There are a few candidates for her father including Cannon Qualls, but currently no current documentation or public family tree shows Margaret.


Where is Margaret Qualls Orrick/Arrick (1830-1906 Buried?
Margaret was living somewhere around Coffee Co TN in 1906 when she apparently died according to her pension documents. She was widow of William B. Nunley who died in 1889 and possibly lived near Nunley's cove or near Stick TN. No record can be found of her remarrying.


What Orricks went from VA down to SC/NC?
Many Orrick branches throughout the south and west are descended from the Maryland Orricks who came from Scotland around 1650. This is proven by DNA but documentation falls apart when the Orricks disappear from MD/VA and reappear in TN, KY, GA, AL and elsewhere. There is about 2-3 generations missing. See the History section of the Master index for some hints.


Woodmen of the World Camp #770, Forney, Kaufman County TX
My Grandfather Leonard L. Arrick was a member of the Forney WOW camp #770 around 1910. It would be great to find documentation about this camp and its members. See the WOW pictures in the master index.


Where is John Orrick (1827-1862) buried?
John Orrick had about 6 kids when he went off to war where he was shot in the chest at the battle of Shiloh. He was seen in a hospital in Corinth MS according to Manley Wilson in his wife Margaret's pension documents. It is not known if he died there and was buried in a shallow grave or trench like so many others, or was carried elsewhere.


Where is Elizabeth Violet Arrick Cash Buried?
E.V. was married to Manley Wileman Cash and they lived in Johnson County TX. Apparently she died around 1899 and Mack returned to TN with the kids. No record or grave has been found.


Why did 3 Arrick kids move to Hardin Co TN?
First James C Arrick and his wife Mary Frances Beckham moved to Wayne then over to Hardin Co TN, then his younger brother John Riley Arrick who then married Minerva Viola Harrison in Savannah 1884. The Harrison's owned a saw mill. Then Fanny Arrick (Who's father is really a Nunley) moved there and married William Baugus in 1886. Now why did they move there, leaving their mother and other sisters back in Coffee County TN? Was it because there were Qualls there? Or simply for work?



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