Elizabeth Violet Arrick/Orrick (Eliza)

Elizabeth Violet Arrick (E.V.) had a short life like her brother John Riley.

One interesting thing about her is that she was married in Cleburne TX, after travelling there from TN. Her marriage is only 12 days before her brother John Riley's back in TN. It was initially thought that John and E.V. came to TX together, but now we have evidence that John came later, after E.V..

Charles Long's mother 1/30/2016 says John Webster (uncle Webb) is definitely Violet's son, and that Violet died on a wagon train between Arkansas and their destination in Texas.

2/1/2016 New Pictures from The Cash family of Coffee Co TN
1930 Cash Reunion
Mack Cash and brother Levi Cash
Article with Mack Cash


Name: Elizabeth Violet Orrick - went by Arick
Father: John Orrick (1827-1862)
Mother: Margaret Qualls(1830-1906)
Born: Feb 1857 in Warren Co, TN
Married: Manley Wileman Cash (Mack) 15 Nov 1884 in Cleburne TX. marriage record
Mack is buried at Prairie Plains Cemetery in Coffee Co. TN with his second wife Bettie.
    John Webster Cash, 2 Apr 1881 - 1 Aug 1958
    Homer Ellis Cash, 13 Sep 1887 - 10 Dec 1946
    Catherine Cash (Kittie), 6 Mar 1890 - 24 Dec 1988
Career: Homemaker, Cook?
Died: About 1899-1900 in Cleburne, TX
Buried: Unconfirmed, Probably Cleburne, TX - Help!
Obit: Unknown - Help!
Pictures: Unknown - Help!
Migration: Moved from Coffee Co TN to Cleburne TX between 1880 and 1884



Where is she buried?

Is there an obituary?

Are there any pictures?

If you have the answer, please Email me


The Arrick Name

Many Orricks pronounced their name "Ark" and it is spelled Ark, Arrick or Arick in several branches.

When this Orrick family's father John Orrick was shot at Shiloh and died, the family lost the exact spelling.

And, there is also the problem of transcription, where clearly written 'O's are transcribed as 'A'.
Here is the 1850 Warren County Census showing A's and O's

Ultimately, this means a search for Arricks must include names such as Orrick, Orick, Arke, Orouch, O'rourk, Orio; and possibly more bizarre variants such a Yeorick, Clark, and Horrock.



Here is Elizabeth Violet as a child with her family.

Warren Co 1860 Census page 1 at the bottom, page 2 at the top

They are Orricks, they live next to other Orricks.

Orrick, Jno., age 34
Orrick, Margaret, age 30 (b abt 1830), House Keeper
Orrick, Sarah, 12? (b abt 1848)
Orrick, James, age 9 (b abt 1851)
Orrick, Laura, age 7 (b abt 1853)
Orrick, William, age 5 (b abt 1855)
Orrick, Vilet?, age 3 (b abt 1857) <---------
Orrick, Margaret, age 1 (b abt 1859)
All born in Tenn



The 1870 census was difficult. Many for Warren county census originals are undreadable.
Here they are in Grundy Co TN Census page at the bottom.
Grundy is right next to Warren.

Arke, Pegy, 50 (1820), cannot read/write -- Margaret Qualls
Arke, Bettie, 20 (1850), cannot read/write -- Sarah Elizabeth
Arke, Laura, 18 (1852) - married Peter Cornelison
Arke, James, 17 (1853) - Married Mary Frances Beckam
Arke, Calaway (male), 15 (1855) -- Is this William Arick in AR?
Arke, Louise, (female), 12 (1858) -- Is this Elizabeth Violet?
Arke, John, 10 (1860) -- John Riley Arrick, my ggrandfather
Arke, Frances or Fannie, 9 (1861) - (daughter by Nunley)
Jones, William, 50 (1820), farmer - I think this is William Nunley



Here is the family in Coffee Co - Jno is passed.

Coffee Co, TN 1880 census at bottom

Arrick, Margaret, age 51 (b abt 1829), House Keeper, WIDOWED
Arrick, S. E. (F), age 32 (b abt 1848), at Home - Sarah Elizabeth
Arrick, E. V? (F), age 19 (b abt 1861), at Home - Elizabeth Violet
Arrick, John R, age 17 (b abt 1863), Farm Labor - John Riley
Arrick, Fany, (F), age 12 (b abt 1868), at Home - Fannie
Arrick, Lori or Lou, (F) age 3 (b abt 1877) - Laura
All born in Tenn, mother and father born in Tenn



Virtually all of the 1890 census and special schedules were lost by fire, water, and human destruction.


1884 Nov 15 Marriage to Manley Wileman Cash (Mack)

Here is the marriage record for Mack Cash and Eliza Arick.
Johnson County, TX.



Manley Wileman Cash and Eliza are living in Cleburne TX.
Here is a Cleburne city directory

M.W. Cash - Peddler
Webster Cash - Student
Lizzie Cash

The other Cash family comes from Alabama and migrates to Arkansas later. They don't appear to be connected.



Here is Mack cash and family back in Coffee Co TN - E.V. has passed.

Coffee Co, TN 1900 census

Mack Cash, 45 TN - Widow
Homer Cash, 12 TX
Kittie Cash, 10 TX

I don't know where John Webster Cash is.



Here is Daughter Catherine Cash (kittie) living with her Aunt - Sarah Elizabeth Arrick (Bettie), now Anderson. Kittie has moved from Texas where she was born, back to TN along with her Dad Mack.

Franklin Co, TN 1910 census

James Anderson, 63
Bettie S Anderson, 61
Rittie Cash, 20 TX
Aubry Smith, 2

Manley Wileman Cash is in Coffee Co. with his new wife Bettie and new children.

Coffee Co, TN 1910 census

Manly W Cash, 53 TN
Betty Cash, 31 TN
Lon A Cash, 6 TN
Ova O Cash, 3 TN

Strange thing about this census is there is an Elizabeth Olick/Orick shown on the same census page. Ancestry.com transcribed her Elisabeth Vick, 69, Mother-in-Law. Probably actually a Vick.

John Webster Cash is in San Joaquin CA.



Here is Mack Cash and his family, along with Kittie and her kids, but without her husband.

Coffee Co, TN 1920 census

Mack W Cash, 62 TN
Bettie Cash, 41 TN
Low A Cash, 16 TN
Ova O Cash, 13 TN
Kittie Pearson, 29 TX
Hayden Pearson, 7 TN
James R Pearson, 5 TN

John Webster Cash is in San Joaquin, CA with his new family:.
John W Cash, 38
Mary Cash, 25
Ruth Bell Cash, 8
Russel E Cash, 6
John W Cash Jr, 9/12

Homer Cash and his family in San Joaquin, CA:
Homer A Cash, 32
Dora May Cash, 28
William W Cash, 3-11/12
Homer A Cash, 3/12



Here is Mack and Bettie, kids have left.

Coffee Co, TN 1930 census

Mack W Cash, 73
Betty Cash, 51

John Webster is in Tracy, San Joaquin, CA:
John W Cash, 49
Mary Cash, 35
Russell E Cash, 16
John Cash Jr, 11

Homer Cash and his new family in Stanislaus, CA:
Homer Cash, 42
May Cash, 38
Billy Cash, 14
Ellis Cash, 10
Bobby Cash, 8

Kittie and Roy Pearson are in Nashville:
Roy Pearson, 40
Kathrine Pearson, 40
James R Pearson, 15
Verda Pearson, 10
Nelda Pearson, 1-11/12



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