Abilene Brick Plant

I'm willing to add a history of the Abilene Brick Plant here or personal stories about it if you have any.

Partial listing of Brick Plant Employees in the 1930 Census:
Theodore C Chance, Taylor Chance, Jim Chance,Elmer l, Gossett, Glide Todd, JJames HJ Power {foreman}, Roland Cheatham, Sam l, Cheatham, Walter Sullivan, Jesse E Sheek, Claude E Raughton{engineer} Perry Copeland, Jesse D Stacks(Engineer}, Oscar Griffin, Leonard L Arrick, Thomas A Thorn { Truck Driver} Francis Inman.....

Brick Truck - Francis Ray Smith, Mary Frances Smith - 1940's
Picture of Leonard L Arrick (in white) inside Brickplant.

Bricks of Abilene by Edgar Williams
Types of bricks

Pictures taken Oct 2006:
A Brick
Open field were the brick plant once stood
Bricks in the ground everywhere
EERY Brick
Randy Arrick digging up bricks
Randy finds fragments of history
Randy going for gold!


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