Willioughby Lane Webb Orrick

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from Charles Henry Gauss Family Papers website


Name: Willioughby Lane Webb Orrick
Father: John Orrick (1805-1879)
Mother: Urilla Stonebraker? (1816-1893)
Grandparents: Nicolas Orrick and Mary Pendleton
Born: Oct 24 1837 in Missouri
Married: Georgia McElhiney (dau of Dr W.G. McElhiney) 25 Oct 1859
    Rogers? 1871 MO, moved to CA, married Amelia Barchi
    Unknown #1 - died before 1900
    Unknown #2 - died before 1900
    Unknown #3 - died before 1900
Career: Lawyer, Civil Engineer, Patient Examiner
Died: 1902 in Washington DC
Buried: Unknown - Help! Possibly a Catholic Cem in St. Charles MO
Obit: Obit Image
Pictures: Contact me
Migration: MO --> AR --> CO --> DC


Where is he buried?
The McElhiney family appears to be Catholic and maybe he is buried in a Catholic cemetery. If so, I can't find it online. Will take a road trip or local researcher to find.

Surely there are pictures of a promenant man like Willoughby?

What happened to his kids and where are they buried?

If you have the answer, please Email Roger.

The Twilight Zone: A Stop at Willoughby

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes is called 'A Stop at Willoughby'. In this episode a stressed-out executive drifts off to sleep each day on his daily train commute and dreams of a peaceful place called "Willoughby" - the time is July 1888. You'll have to watch the show to learn the rest of this interesting story.

One of the directors that worked with Rod Serling during this time in the early 60's was David Orrick McDearmon (1914 IL - 1979 CA). The McDearmon family married into the Orrick family in Missouri in the mid-1800s. Libby in FL tells us that Willoughby's sister Lucy Ann married John Kirkpatrick McDearmon and this is David's grandfather. So, I think this would mean Willoughby is David's great Uncle.

The Man behind Orrick Missouri

Surveyors of the North Missouri Railroad hired W.W. Orrick, a civil Engineer from St Charles, to draw a plat for a new station in Ray County. Orrick was allowed to give the new village his name. Orrick Missouri was incorporated in 1873 and currently has a population of about 900.

1850 Census St. Charles Missouri

Orrick -
  John 45 Justice of Peace  VA
  Urilla 34 MD
  Lucy A 15 MO  <--- Lucy Ann Orrick, married McDearmon
  W.L.W 13 MO   <--- Willoughby
  John C 10 MO
  Mary S 1 MO   <--- Mary Sallisbury  Died fifth day of March A. D. 1852
Joshua Grimes 5 MO

Willoughby marries Georgia McElhiney

They married in St Charles, Missouri
25 Oct 1859

1860 Census St. Charles Missouri

Willoughby Orrick 23 Clerk MO
Georgia 20 MO        <--- Georgia MCELHINEY
Living with Mary Salsisbury 39 Boarding house

1870 Census Ray County, Richmond, Missouri

W.W. Orrick 33 MO Lawyer
Georgia 24 MO
living with George Wassem Banker, and others

1872 W.W. Orrick is charged with voting rights fraud in Fort Smith Arkansas

Found this at accessgenealogy.com.
His obit says he spent time in Arkansas after the civil war, but that doesn't prove that this listing is Willoughby. There are other Orricks living in AR at the time. One thing that caught my attention is that some of the listings say Warren Orrick, and we haven't seen yet what Willoughby's middle initial stands for. Someone should order this document.

29 Sept 1879 Willoughby was admitted to the Co State Bar, Lake county

1880 Census Colorado, Chaffe Co, Buena Vista, Main Street

W.W. Orrick 42 Lawyer  MO VA MD
Georgia 40  MO MD VA
Rogers 9 MO  or Rugars
Georgia and son Rodgers are double counted at the house of Georgia's parents back in St Charles:
W. J. McElheny 81
Henriety McElheny 70
F. Galagher 37
Josie Galagher 10
Nettie Galagher	8
Florida Galagher 6
Georgia Orrick 	40 <---
Rodger Orrick 	9  <---

Virtually all of the 1890 census and special schedules were lost by fire, water, and human distruction.

Rogers Orrick marries Amelia Barchi
Found this at FamilySearch.org.
They married in St Louis, MO
4 Mar 1893

1900 Census Washington DC

Wiliby Orrick Oct 1837 62, married 41yrs  MO MD MD  Patient examiner
Georgia McH Dec 1839 60, married 41 yrs  4 children, 1 living  MO MD VA  <-----! kids
Living with Wallias Belding hotel keeper

Can't find Rodgers

Willoughby died in 1902

Passport application for Rogers Orrick

See document
This is a wealth of information.
Dated 5 Aug 1902.
Probably right after his father's death.
Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'9-3/4" tall, born 28 Dec 1870.
Working as a Clerk In St Louis MO. Will return within 2 years.

1910 Census San Bernadino CA, Silver lake.

Rodgers Orrick is shown as 35, single, working as a miner. He is misenumerated as Rodgers Carick.

1920 Census San Bernadino CA

Rodgers Orrick is shown working at a hospital in San Bernadino.
Age 49, Divorced.




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