James Andrew Orrick

Several Orrick families in and around Dallas TX are descended from the middle TN Orricks - James Allen Orrick and Elizabeth Muncy's youngest son James Andrew and his wife Mary Pearl. Several in this family are buried in the Rylie Cemetery SE of Dallas.

Confusion Abatement

It's easy to get confused, this page is about James Andrew Orrick born 1881. He goes by Andrew. His father is James Allen Orrick born 1841.

There is also a James Andrew Orrick, born 1893 in Pike Co AR.
There is also an Andrew Orrick, born around 1882 in TN to Andrew Jackson Orrick and Precilla Summers.


Name: James Andrew Orrick - Goes by Andrew
Father: James Allen Orrick, B Nov 1841, TN
Mother: Elizabeth Muncy, B Oct 1840, TN
Elizabeth's parents are John Victor Muncy (1804NC-1880TN) and Elizabeth Jarvis (1809NC-1879TN)
Grandfather: Allen Orrick
Grandmother: Martha Hardin
Born: Feb 25 1881, Cannon Co, TN
Married: Mary Pearl Nelms in Anderson Co, Elkhart, TX. License
    Maybelle, B 14 Sep 1906, D 25 May 1996, Married Merrman Pounds
    James Frank, B 1910
    Homer Hasten, B 25 Mar 1913, D 31 Jan 1971
    Lebern, B 1918?
    W.J. (Just Initials), B 11 Mar 1920, D 6 Jan 1979, Married Margaret
    Charles Lester, B 9 Jan 1922, D 29 Feb 1984
    Cecil Clinton, B 12 Mar 1925, D 6 Nov 1975
All children born in TX
Career: Farmer, photography
Died: Apr 1, 1960, TX
Buried: Rylie Cemetery, Dallas, TX, picture of grave
Obit: Unknown
Pictures: Unknown
Migration: Migrated from Cannon Co, TN to Anderson Co, TX, then to Dallas Co, TX

Rylie Texas

Rylie TX is a very small town Southeast of Dallas in Dallas county. Near the intersection of Loop 635, I20 and highway 175.

The city was on land owned by John R Rylie who settled around 1850. Here is the WOW grave of his son or grandson.

There is no known connection between John Riley Arrick (1863-190?) to John W Rylie (1863-1903), only 10 miles away in Kaufman county. It's just a joke by the genealogy gods to confuse us more than we already are.

Rylie Cemetery, Rylie TX

Here is the entire enumeration of the Rylie Cemetery.

See these pictures of the Rylie cemetery, local churches and roads - Nov 2006.

Here are the ones that apply:

ORRICK Andrew February 25, 1881 April 1, 1960 Shares marker with Pearl Orrick
ORRICK Pearl January 6, 1888 August 16, 1959 Shares marker with Andrew Orrick

ORRICK Margaret September 16, 1922 m. 26 June 1942 Shares marker with W. J. Orrick
ORRICK W. J. March 11, 1920 January 6, 1979 Shares marker with Margaret Orrick

ORRICK Cecil Clinton March 12, 1925 November 6, 1973
ORRICK Homer H. March 25, 1913 January 31, 1971
ORRICK Charles Lester January 9, 1922 February 29, 1984
ORRICK Michael Lynn January 2, 1974 January 7, 1974

POUNDS Mermman September 12, 1903 January 14, 1972 Shares marker with Maybelle Pounds
POUNDS Maybelle September 14, 1906 Shares marker with Merrman Pounds.

POUNDS Donna Jo July 28, 1954 August 23, 1960

SHACKLETT Billie M. Pounds July 24, 1932


James A. Orrick is the future father of James Andrew Orrick.
He's living with his mother Martha, 51, in Warren TN Census

Martha, 51
Catherine, 21
Teletha, 19
William C, 27
Elisha, 14
Martha, 13
Lucy, 11
James A, 7

They are living next to Bates, Derryberry, Lance, Prater, Youngblood, Davenport families. And other Orrick families.


James A. Orrick is living with his mother Martha, 60, in Warren TN.

Martha Orrick, 60
Cathrine Orrick, 26
Celia Orrick, 23
James Orrick, 18
Martha Orrick, 10

They are living next to Nancy Orrick and kids, Jno Orrick and family, Whitlock families, Davenports, Northcutts, etc.


James A. and family are written as Orick in Cannon Co, TN census.

James A Orick, 27 (James Allen Orrick)
Elizabeth Orick, 27
Lucy A Orick, 3
William L Orick, 1
Elisha M Orick, 2mo

After them are a family of Muncys.


Here's the growing family in Cannon Co, TN census.

James A. Orrick, 38 (James Allen Orrick)
Elizabeth Orrick, 39
Lucy C. Orrick, 13
William L. Orrick, 11
Elisha M. Orrick, 10
Henry H. Orrick, 8
Martha E. Orrick, 6
Louie C. Orrick, 4
Inar B. Orrick, 2



Lucy, William, Elisha and Henry are gone.
This is the first census showing James Andrew and his sister Fannie.
The 1900 census is great because it gives us the month of birth.
Here's the growing and shrinking family in Cannon Co, TN, enumerated as ORRIC census.

James A. Orric, Nov 1841, Father NC, Mother VA
Elisabeth Orric, Oct 1840, Mother of 9, 8 still living, Father NC, Mother NC.
Mattie Orric, May 1874
Lou Orric, Sep 1876
Ina B Orric, May 1878
Andrew Orric, Feb 1881 (James Andrew Orrick)
Fannie Orric, Sep 1882

After them on the same page are Muncys.

1905 Marriage to Pearl Nelms

James Andrew Orrick and Mary Pearl Nelms married on 2 Nov 1905 in Palestine TX, Anderson County by Walter Neel, M.G.

Here is the Marriage License


Here is James Allen living with his daughter Ina B with her new husband Johnnie B Parker in Cannon Co TN. census.
Elizabeth is gone, all the kids flew the coup.

James A Orrick, 68
Inna B Parker, 30
Johnnie B Parker, 4

Here in Anderson Co TX (North East TX) is James Andrew Orrick and his new family with Mary Pearl Nelms.
Notice they are enumerated as Arrick. census.

Andrew Arrick, 29 (James Andrew Orrick)
Pearl Arrick, 27
Maybell Arrick, 4
Frank Arrick, 5/12


James Allen is passed.

Andrew and Pearl have moved to Ellis Co in the 1920 census.

James A Orrick, 38 (James Andrew Orrick)
Mary P Orrick, 31
May B Orrick, 12
James F Orrick, 10 (James Frank)
Homer H Orrick, 6
Louis L Orrick, 2


Andrew Orrick's family was very hard to find in 1930 because they are transcribed as Dorich by Ancestry.com. I've submitted a change request.
census in Johnson Co, TX

J A Orrick, 49 (James Andrew Orrick)
Pearl Orrick, 43 (Mary Pearl)
Homer Orrick, 17 (Homer Hasten)
Leborn Orrick, 13
W J Orrick, 10
Lester Orrick, 8 (Charles Lester)
Cecil Orrick, 5 (Cecil Clinton)

In Dallas, Maybelle is now married to Merrman Pounds and living with them is Frank Orrick.
census in Dallas Co, TX

Meriman Pounds, 26, assemblier at automobile factory
Maybelle Pounds, 23
Cleopuis Pounds, 5
Donald J Pounds, 1
Frank Orrick, 21, weaver at box factory?
Willie B, 17 sister??


The 1940 census will be released in 2012.
Can you wait?


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