Civil War Names

Oakwood Cemetery FW TX
Jno Arick
D. Nov 27, 1864
Ind #12661
Chattanooga National Cemetery
Hamilton Co, TN
Plot: D, 0, 12661

Oakwood Cemetery FW TX

Civil War names from the Soldiers database, pictures by Randy Arrick.

Arrick, FelixConfederateInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Lillard's)
Arrick, JamesConfederateCavalry19th/20th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Arrick, JamesConfederateInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Lillard's)
Arrick, RichardConfederateCavalry19th/20th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Arrick, S.H.ConfederateCavalry19th/20th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Arrick, W.H.ConfederateCavalry1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry
Arrick, AndrewUnionInfantry97th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arrick, AndrewUnion2nd/3rd Battalions
Pioneer Brigade
Arrick, BensonUnionCavalry8th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
Arrick, DavidUnionInfantry12th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (1 year)
Arrick, GeorgeUnionInfantry27th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Arrick, George W.UnionInfantry48th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
Arrick, George W.UnionInfantry15th Regiment, Iowa Infantry
Arrick, George W.UnionInfantry73rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arrick, J. WilliamUnionInfantry77th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arrick, JamesUnionInfantry9th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Arrick, JamesUnionMarine Regiment
US Volunteers
Arrick, JamesUnionInfantry1st Regiment, Mississippi Marine Brigade Infantry
Arrick, James C.UnionInfantry61st Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arrick, Joseph P.UnionDepartmental Corps
Department of the Monongahela
Arrick, OthoUnionInfantry116th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (6 months, 1863-4)

Arick, AndrewUnionInfantry97th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arick, GeorgeUnionCavalry5th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (65th Volunteers)
Arick, GeorgeUnionInfantry2nd Regiment, US Veteran Volunteer Infantry
Arick, GeorgeUnionInfantry27th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Arick, George WUnionInfantry73rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arick, JamesConfederateInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Lillard's)
Arick, JamesUnionInfantry9th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Arick, James HUnionInfantry77th Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arick, JohnUnionInfantry122nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Arick, JohnUnionInfantry75th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Arick, John M.UnionCavalry5th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (65th Volunteers)
Arick, PhelixConfederateInfantry3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Lillard's)
Arick, Thomas H.ConfederateCavalry1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry
Arick, William W.ConfederateArtillery28th Battalion, Georgia Siege Artillery

Orrick, BenjaminConfederateCavalry5th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (McKenzie's)
Orrick, BenjaminConfederateInfantry19th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orrick, C.W.ConfederateInfantry32nd Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
Orrick, CromwellConfederateInfantry5th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
Orrick, Henry ClintonConfederateCavalry24th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Wilkes') (2nd Texas Lancers)
Orrick, J.B.ConfederateInfantry31st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (A. H. Bradford's)
Orrick, J.B.ConfederateCavalry18th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Newsom's)
Orrick, J.C.ConfederateCavalryMosby's Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)
Orrick, J.M.ConfederateInfantryBard's Company, Georgia Infantry
Orrick, JamesConfederateInfantry17th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Griffith's)
Orrick, James H.ConfederateCavalry18th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Newsom's)
Orrick, James H.ConfederateInfantry19th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
Orrick, JohnConfederateInfantry63rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Fain's) (74th Infantry)
Orrick, JohnConfederateInfantry1st Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Colquitt's)
Orrick, John B.ConfederateCavalryNewsom's Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Orrick, John C.ConfederateInfantry5th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Orrick, John C.UnionCavalry1st Regiment, Missouri Cavalry
Orrick, JohnsonConfederateGeneral,
Staff Officer
Non-Regimental Enlisted Men, CSA
Orrick, JohnsonConfederateCavalry12th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry
Orrick, LeroyConfederateInfantry41st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Orrick, N.C.ConfederateInfantry5th Regiment, Virginia Infantry
Orrick, Nicholas C.ConfederateInfantry10th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry
Orrick, RobertConfederateInfantry63rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Fain's) (74th Infantry)
Orrick, S.L.ConfederateCavalry18th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Newsom's)
Orrick, SamuelConfederateCavalry18th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Newsom's)
Orrick, Samuel L.ConfederateCavalryNewsom's Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Orrick, W.D.ConfederateInfantry50th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orrick, W.D.ConfederateInfantry50th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orrick, W.H.ConfederateInfantry51st Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Orick, BenjaminConfederateCavalry5th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (McKenzie's)
Orick, BenjaminConfederateInfantry19th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orick, BennettConfederateInfantry40th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
Orick, J.B.ConfederateInfantry31st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (A. H. Bradford's)
Orick, JohnConfederateInfantry35th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (5th Infantry)
(1st Mountain Rifle Regiment)
Orick, LeoConfederateInfantry41st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Orick, R.ConfederateInfantry63rd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Fain's) (74th Infantry)
Orick, T.E.ConfederateInfantry35th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (5th Infantry)
(1st Mountain Rifle Regiment)
Orick, William D.ConfederateInfantry50th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orick, Alfred D.UnionCavalry5th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry
Orick, AntonioUnionCavalry2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Cavalry
Orick, BenjaminUnionCavalry9th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Orick, JacobUnionInfantry30th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
Orick, JamesUnionInfantry3rd Regiment, Maine Infantry
Orick, JamesUnionCavalry10th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Orick, JamesUnionInfantry1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orick, James N.UnionInfantry154th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Orick, JohnUnionInfantry132nd Regiment, Indiana Infantry (100 days, 1864)
Orick, JohnUnionInfantry148th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
Orick, JohnUnionInfantry136th Regiment, Illinois Infantry (100 days, 1864)
Orick, John C.UnionCavalry1st Regiment, Missouri Cavalry
Orick, John T.UnionInfantry154th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Orick, JosephUnionInfantry1st Regiment, Kansas Infantry
Orick, JosephUnionInfantry13th Regiment, Kansas Infantry
Orick, Madison J.UnionCavalry1st Regiment, Alabama Cavalry
Orick, N. MonroeUnionCavalry1st Regiment, Wisconsin Cavalry
Orick, RussellUnionInfantry7th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry
Orick, WilliamUnionInfantry1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Orick, WilliamUnionInfantry62nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Orick, William C.UnionCavalry1st Regiment, Alabama Cavalry


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