Thomas Burris Thomasson 1836-1903

and Wife Mary Pamela (Mollie) Whitaker
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Thomas Burris Thomasson 1836-1903

Father: Richard Thomasson
Mother: Nancy Carpenter, Dau of James Carpenter
Born: 19 Aug 1836, AL, No birth record
Married: Mary Pamela (Mollie) Whitaker July 1879
    Thomas Lee (Lee) 1881-1954, M. Lena Elnora Phillips 1918
    William Frank Thomas 1885-1948, M. Maggie F. Guthrie
    Mary Ellen (1888-1961), M. Daniel Tillman Claxton in 1909
    Charlie Robert (1890-1985), M. Mary Elizabeth Roe in 1921
    George Washington (1892-1962), M. Magora D in 1931
    Nancy Ann (1892-1964), M. Charles Sevier Guthrie in 1915
    Ellie Mae (1896-1948), M. Leonard L. Arrick 1917
    Joseph E. (Jan 1900-?) Probably died young
    Rosa Belle (1904-1934), Married Roy Franklin Woods in 1923
Career: Farmer
Military: Civil War - 17th Mississippi, have sevice records
Died: 24 Jul 1903 in Cisco Co TX, #13 certificate in TX Death record
Buried: Unknown Probably Abilene or Cisco TX, Reward for finding it!
Obit: Unknown 1903 Abilene Reporter news missing from library
Death Notice: Southern Mercury (Dallas, Tex.) July 30, 1903

T B Thomasson signature on pension application July 29, 1899

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Where is Thomas Burris Buried?

TB's Death certificate says he died in Cisco TX (Eastland county) on 23 Jul 1903.
The place of burial is not given.
The family is in Taylor county in 1900, and his widow is in Jones county in 1910.
His widow Mollie was buried at the Abilene cemetery in Taylor county 40+ years later.
His youngest daughter Rosa was born 9 months after his death but no birth certificate exists in Taylor, Jones, Eastland, or Callahan counties.

Roland Woods, son of Rosa, says that TB is buried at the large Cisco Oakwood Cemetery but that the records were burnt, and the headstone is lost. Randy and I went to Oakwood in Nov 2007 and spoke to Bennie Neal, keeper of the records. She let us see them - Picture. Here is the TH section. She did not know of any records that were burnt, but several years ago Randy visited with a man at the museum in Cisco who described a cemetery book that was burnt on the edges. We have been unable to find out who this was and to confirm the story of the book.

Where is Thomas Burris' Leg?

Ok, strange question huh?
Thomas lost his leg in the civil war (17th MS), applied for a wooden leg, and received one. Apparently this leg was kept by Mollie after his death. Leonard W. Arrick said that when he was a kid, he found the leg at Mollie's house in a closet and got in trouble for playing with it. It was the only time he had seen her get mad.
Derriel says that when he was a kid (mid 1950's) he saw what he thinks might have been this wooden leg at a relative's house on a dirt road.

That's all we know. Maybe this heirloom was passed down at Mollie's death, but more likely is was just tossed out by someone who thought it was just an old wooden leg. :)


On TB's pension app, he says he's 62 yrs old and his last birthday was 19 Aug 1898. (B 1836)
1879 - TB's pension app states he came to Hill Co TX in 1879 (This looks wrong to me)
1881 - Mollie's pension app says she came to TX on this date
1881 Thomas Lee, the first son is born in Ellis Co TX
1890 Charlie Rober, the third son is born in Ellis Co TX
24 Jul 1879 - TB and Mollie married in Colbert Co AL
29 Jul 1899 - TB applied for pension, lives in Taylor Co TX
23 Jul 1900 - TB death certificate says Cisco TX
24 Apr 1904 - It is said that Rosa, the last daughter is born in Cisco TX (Need to verify)
1910 - Mollie is living with son Charlie in Jones Co TX
4 Nov 1918 - Mollie applies for pension, lives in Taylor Co TX
1930 - Mollie living with son Lee in Taylor Co TX


Tishomingo Co MS
William C Thompson 62 VA
Orpha 34 GA
Thomas B 16 AL <--- Probably Thomas Burris Thomasson
George W 13 AL

Tishomingo Co MS
Sarah Thompson 48 GA
William M 14 AL
Angeline 12 AL
Basey 11 AL
Orphy 8 AL
Francis 4 AL


Franklin Co Alabama
Jno S Gray 60 TN <-- Possibly new husband of Nancy
Nancy Gray 45 AL <-- Mother of Thomas Burris
Geo Thomasson 9 AL

Tishomingo Co MS
Thomas Thomason 24 AL Wagoner <--- Probably Thomas Burris Thomasson
William 18 AL Wagoner
Living with George W. Randolph family

Tishomingo Co MS
James Carpenter 34 AL
Caroline Carpenter 32 TN
James W Carpenter 12 MS
John Carpenter 10 MS
Leroy Carpenter 8 MS
Tabitha Carpenter C 6 MS
Melton Carpenter 1 MS
Mahala Thomason 22 AL
Jenette Thomason 15 AL
Near Thamas J Gray family


In Colbert co AL
Nancy Gray 55 VA <--- Mother of Thomas Burris
Thomas Thomason 31 AL <---- Thomas Burris
Meahala Thomason 28 AL
George Thomason 18 AL


This is the 1880 census for Crittenden Co KY (Bells Mines)

Thomas B. Thomasson 43 Head AL <---- Thomas Burris
Mary W. Thomasson 16 Wife MS <-- Mollie
George W. Thomasson 30 Brother AL
Thomas F. Thomasson 6 AL (George's son, Thomas Franklin Born in Colbert Co AL, died 1967 in CA
William A. Thomasson 3 AL (George's son, Married Lena Kurkendall in 1899)
Nancy A. Gray 64 Mother VA
Mahala Thomason 40 Sister AL


Census Records burned


Thomas Burris and family were very difficult to find in the 1900 census. After reading the pension apps for 1899 which stated they lived in Taylor Co, I started searching for every possible naming error. Eventually I quit searching on names and searched for someone born in 1936 in Alabama in Taylor Co. The census has a rip fixed by tape which obsures the last name for the entire family. Only "Th" is shown for Thomas and only "M" for Mollie. The birthdates and birth places match along with the kids. This is, without a doubt, the family of Thomas Burris Thomasson.

1900 Taylor Co Census showing Thomas Burris family

Here it the full page #1, and full page #2

Th ..... B Aug 1836 in AL <---- Thomas Burris
M ...... B Oct 1860 in MS <-- Mollie
T....... B Feb 1883 in TX <-- Thomas Lee
William. B Jan 1885 in TX <-- William Frank
Mary E.. B May 1887 in TX <-- Mary Ellen
Charles R B Oct 1889 in TX <-- Charles Robert
George W B Mar 1892 in TX <-- George Washington
Nancy A B Oct 1893 in TX <-- Nancy Ann
Ella E B Jul 1897 in TX <-- Ellie Mae
Joseph E B Jan 1900 in TX <-- Joseph E

Here is George W., Thomas Burris' brother in Taylor Co TX
George W Thomason 50 AL
Ellen Thomason 38 TN
Eula Thomason 17 TX
George Thomason 15 TX
Borgie Thomason 12 TX
Samuel Thomason 10 TX
David Thomason 8 TX
Floyd Thomason 6 TX
Zuella Thomason 4 TX
Alma Thomason 2 TX

Next door is:
Thomas Thomason 22 AL (This must be George W's son)
Nannie wife 19 TX


Here's Molly living with the kids in Jones county, Pct 6:

C R Thomasson 20 <-- Charlie (Head of household)
M P Thomasson 49 AL <-- Mary Pamela (Mollie)
T L Thomasson 28 <-- Thomas Lee (Lee)
G W Thomasson 18 <-- George Washington
Nancy Ann Thomasson 15
Ella Mar Thomasson 12 (Ellie Mae married Leonard L Arrick)
Resa Belle Thomasson 7 (Rosa Belle married Woods)

All the kids are born in TX, Mollie born in AL.

Mary Ellen is now married to Daniel Tillman Claxton living in Jones co TX next to other Claxtons
Tilman Claxton 28
Mary Claxton 21

George Washington Thomasson Family in Howard Co TX
George Thomason 60
Ellen Thomason 47
George W Thomason 25 AL
Dave Thomason 18
Floyd Thomason 16
Yeulla Thomason 14
Alma Thomason 11
Bernie Thomason 7

Barzie Thomasson 22
Minnie 17


Here's Mollie in the Taylor County Abilene 1920 census with some of the kids.
They are 2 doors down from Leonard L Arrick and Ellie!

M P Thompson 58 MS<--Mary Pamela (Mollie)
Charlie Thompson 28
George Thompson 26
Rosa Thompson 16
Mallie Brown 8 <--- ???

George Washington Thomasson Family in Howard Co TX
George Thomason 70 AL
Mary Thompson 51
Berney E Thompson 16


In the 1930 census, Frank and family, and Charlie and family are living right next to each other along with Mollie in Taylor Co Pct 1.

Lee Thomason 47 <-- Thomas Lee
Lena Thomason 35 wife
Auda V Thomason 6
Marie Thomason 4-2/12
Mollie Thomason 68 AL <-- Mollie, mother
George Thomason 37 <-- Thomas Lee's brother

All the kids are born in TX, Mollie born in AL.

Frank Thomason 43 head
Maggie H Thomason 39 wife
Richard L Thomason 22 son
William C Thomason 16 son

George Washington Thomasson Family in Howard Co TX
Gee W Thomason 80 AL
Mary Elba Thomason 67
Bernie E Thomason 26 Son

Here is Rosa and husband in Taylor Co
Roy S Woods 26
Rosa Woods 26
Roland S Woods 6
Pearle T Woods 4 1/12
Tommie Woods 2 8/12
Elizabeth Woods 5/12


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