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These are my informal notes about Cannon Qualls to aid researchers.

Cannon Qualls is very difficult to research due to the time he lived and a lack of documentation. There are various trees around the web claiming to know who his parents, wives and children are. There is very little backup for these. They can't all be right, and possibly all of them are wrong.

Cannon was born around 1792 in Henry Co VA then died around 1850-something in White county TN. He is likely related to most other Qualls and Quarles in TN and beyond.

I believe Cannon Qualls is my 3ggrandfather through his daughter Margaret Qualls who married John Orrick around 1847 in Warren County TN. I also believe that his father was James Calvin Qualls because several of the grandkids were named that. This is speculation.

There is a Facebook research group dedicated to Cannon at

If you have information, Email me.

Images and Files Related to Cannon Qualls

Here is Cannon Qualls (Quarles) in the Cannon County TN 1840 census.

Here is Cannon Qualls (Quarles) in the White County TN 1840 census.

Here is Cannon Qualls in the White County TN 1850 census.

Cousin Henry Cagle says this is a picture of Cannon's younger brother James b. Qualls an wife Elizabeth Snow. James Died Oct 1875.

Henry says this picture is his great grandparents William Crawford Cagle an his wife Margaret Jane qualls an there children's an grand children's, Margaret Qualls is sitting on the first row all the way to the end on the right holding her twin boys grandchildren. Margaret Qualls is a daughter of Joseph Newton Qualls who had a twin brother name Jasper Qualls. Taken in 1920 at ozark, Arkansas.

Henry says this picture is Joseph Newton Qualls (b 1 Sep 1836) and wife Mary Jane Marshall on their wedding day 24 May 1860. Joseph Newton is a nephew of Cannon Qualls. Possibly taken in Carroll co. Arkansas.

A.J. Qualls military record 35th TN Co G, Camp Smart, Capt E.J. Wood 1861-1863

Qualls History by Hillra

Isham Sr Land document 1874 Lavaca Texas, listing Moses and Isham Jr.

Death cert for John C. Qualls, son of William Qualls and Julia Ann Sharp.

Death cert for Martha Elizabeth Qualls brown, dau of William Qualls and Julia Ann Sharp.

Death cert for Wm Qualls 1908, husband of Julia Ann Sharp.

Article about Mary Jane Qualls and her Husband James Madison Monroe Jordan by Sara Jo Fendley.

Some say this picture is William Qualls and wife Julia Ann Sharp, but others disagree.

This is William Qualls grave at Blanton's Chapel cemetery in Coffee County, TN. Wife Julia Ann Sharp is unfound and possibly next to him.

This is Will of William Qualls 1835 Warren county TN. It shows a clear connection to Austin, Lamb and Sharp families of Hardin Co TN. It mentions Kinchan Martin and David Coulson. This is NOT the Wm Qualls who was married to Julia Ann Sharp.

Big Questions about Cannon Qualls

Who exactly are his parents?
Who exactly are his wives?
Who exactly are his kids?
Where is he buried?

My Informal Notes for Cannon Qualls

These are my raw notes, it's not 100% accurate.

Cannon's possible kids:
  Wm M. who married Julia Ann Sharp, traveling Minister
  Margaret who married John Orrick then Wm B. Nunley, Died in Stick, TN
  A.J. who fought in 35th TN
  Webb who married Martha Vaughan, hung for murder in IL
  James K Polk Qualls went to Madison co AL

Pretty good tree by Debbie Wass.

1767 Elizabeth Pelfrey born in Henry, Franklin co VA
1791 Elizabeth Pelfrey married James Calvin Qualls on November 23, 1791 in Henry, VA, son of David Qualls and Judith ????.
1792 Cannon Qualls born in Henry Co VA.
1804 Cannon listed on Deed patrick co VA David & Judith Qualls.  See letter from Doctorqualls Ed Qualls below.
1805 Patrick county VA? , April Court See email 5/11/2014
1805 19 Dec Cannon listed in 'deed'?? Patric Co. Virginia QUARLES See email  Hamptons
1805-1807 Wilson Co TN tax list shows Roger and James Qualls.
1806 Not in petetion to form Warren Co
1807 Nancy Qualls born 3 Mar 1790 VA, married in 1807 at McMinnville, Warren Co., TN to Sanders Austin, son of Stephen Austin and Dorcas Pinson.  
     some say they were married in Alabama
1808 Constainn Quarles survey abstract  TSLA Microfilm RG50, Roll No. 3, vol c, #1643 <--- maybe cannon or maybe Thaddius C Qualls
1809 Constain Quarles survey abstracts 307 acres     <--- maybe cannon
1811 Cannon in Fults cove.  See #47 in Grundy county book.
1811 Cannon Quarles White county Tax, capt coles co.  Not sure where this note came from.
1812 Sanders Austin and wife Nancy Qualls are in Warren co TN
1812 Cannon Quals in the Warren Co Tax list
1814 married Mary Qualls in VA???
1814 Constant Qualls land White County, Tennesse Early land registers. Oct 15th 1814, 1st district  304 ac.
1815 May 17, Cannon Quarls US Army registers on  
     Order dated new Orleans, Nan 22/15. Tried by ??? at Mobile, Dec for desertion and mutiney
1816 Isham Qualls married Elizabeth (betsy) Baucom near McMinnville, says so in Isham 1812 pension app, death cert for sun Isom Jr.
1816 Warren co TN deed book D pg 433 Wm Qualls 35ac near Moses Rhea line.  Witness Cannon Qualls and Sanders Austin.
1816 Cannon Qualls certifies and Saunders Austin witnessed: 
     Wm Qualls buys land near Hickory creek from Frances Price $100, reg 1823, next to Moses Rhea
1816 Aug. 2 Cannon Qualls is a witness and he must revisit the Warren Co. courthouse to swear to it again because 
    Sanders Austin (the other witness to this deed) now resides outside of the state of Tn.
1817 William Sharp married Elizabeth Qualls, moved to Wayne Co, then Hardin
1820 William Qualles census, and a WM sharp
1820 Census No Cannon
1820 Not in Jail petition
1821 Thaddeus Constantine Sobrieski QUARLES born in TN, died 1900
1823 John D Qualls was born in Warren co according to Christie Peacher, see letter below.  Then moved to Hardin.  3rd Ark Calv Reg Union Co G
1823 Warren County Deed Book D. Page 433 - Francis Price to William Qualls, 35 Acres on the waters of Hickory Creek, 
     Moses Rhea's line. Witness: Cannon Qualls, Sanders Austin.
1824 Smartt and Qualls land 40 acrs
1828 marriage of James Qualls to Eliza Snow 30 Dec 1828 Roane co.  Cannon's younger brother?
1830 William Quarles in Warren petition  Twice, is there 2?
1830 Census Soloman Quals 1120001-010001 <-- there is no Soloman anywhere else, maybe thaddius
1830 Census Mary 002-110001
1835 Wm Qualls "of Warren Co" dies in coffee co, will.  
     Mentions dau Nancy Austin, Elizabeth Sharp, Louisa Lamb, Sary Gross, Kinchan Martin, David Conlston
1835 Cannon Qualls marries Matilda Qualls
1835 White Co minutes,  Ordered by Court that Cannon Quarles and Dennis Foster be appointed to work on that portion 
     of the milk Sick hills &c. of which William M. Bryan Jr. is Overseer.
1836 tax list - no Cannon, no qualls, but also no lewis Orrick and I know he was there
1836 Allen in tax records but no acres
1836 Coffee Co formed from Warren Co
1837 Roane Co TN on early TN Tax list at ancestry.
Doris Jenkins on FB says Margaret Qualls born 1840 married William Lafayette Napolean Butler, her aun
1838 White co TN tax list
1838 Martin Orick on tax list but no acres
1840 Cannon Quarles in Cannon Co TN, total of 5 people.  some Margaret's age.  next to Aaron Duggan.
1840 Carmon Qualls vs state $5 insolvent county Rhea - Rhea Administrations and Wills, 1841-1852
1843 Samuel Qualls Petition to form Grundy, and wm b nunley, jesse cornelison
1845 David Qualls has letter awaiting at Mcminnville Post Office
1848 Elizabeth "Pelfry" Qualls (Cannon's mother?) Died 01 May 1848 in Warren Co. Tennessee, some say white co, other doc says died 17 March 1848
    Hillra says Elizabeth's death is in White co TN minute book.
    death recorded Inteste Records White Co.TN g.son Thomas MOSS administrator of
    estate. In bible record of Thomas Moss g.son as 1846 Warren Co. but believe the
    intstate record to be correct.Was to have been living with son Cannonin 1845 in White Co.TN where she died.
    1840 Todd Co.KY Fedral Census living with Thomas Moss.
1848 Henry Cagle says Cannon's younger brother James B Qualls moved to  Johnson co. Arkansas
1850 Cannon and Matilda in White Co TN, kids Sally, Delila polly polk manerva, kids start in 1837
1852 Constance Ann Qualls marries Harrison Hawes Hall in Winchester, Franklin co, TN, See Grundy book #775
1852-1857 Andrew Qualls, Quands grundy deed A98 	B166
1854 warren co tax list Abraham Quals 30 ac
1854 Martha Orrick 125ac dist 13
1854 Sara Duncan 150  dist 13
1856 Matilda Qualls (Cannon's wife) married Joseph N Simmons May 11, 1856 Van Buren Co., had child.  Then she married a Smith in Smith Co TN.
1858 Crocket Qualls married Mary Edington 24 Apr 1858, not returned, Warren Co TN.
1866 James KP Quarles married Eliza J Worley 14 Jun 1855, white co TN
1869 Will for David W. Quarles Wilson Co, mentionws W.W. Quarles and L.B.J Quarles.
1905 Caroline Quarles got pension from JKP Quarles, private Company C of 35 reg TN, died about Dec2, 1905, her father is Jim Talley.

Caroline says marr jkp Quarles june 19 1867 Smith co TN, died Dec 5 1905 Madison co AL.
Says JKP captain was Joe Dinnis Cumminham?  he was slightly wounded at Shiloh.
One Witness was Lois Sharp.

1820 Warren  pg 30
William Quarles  (Cannon's dad or uncle?)
1 male under 10
1 male 16-18
3 male 16-25
1 male 45+
1 Fem under 10
1 fem 10-15
2 fem 16-25
1 fem 45+
Next to Leroy Brawley and other brawleys.  Mclean, Wm Sharp, Powell, Nathanel Nunley, Jeremiah nunley , david Roricck?? (Orrick??)

1830 Warren Co TN
Soloman Quals (hard to read) page 85 of 158
1 male 5-9
2 male 10-14
1 male 40-49
1 fem 5-9
1 fem 30-39

Mary Quals  pg 89
2 male 10-14
1 fem under 5
1 fem 5-9
1 fem 30-39
next to Lamb Braley, John Braley, ford, coulston

1840 White Co TN
Cannon Quarles (transcribed as guarles)
1 male 30-39   Cannon
3 females under 5
1 female 20-29  Wife
Next to Craley?, white, couch, bunden, pryor king,

1840 Cannon TN
Cannon Quarles
1 male under 5  A.J. ?
1 male 50-59  Cannon
1 female under 5
1 female 10-14  Margaret my 2ggrandmother?
1 female 30-39 wife
Next to Aaron Duggan, Haram Little, Higgins, Wilson, Gann, Mullin?, Henry Duggan, Owen, Vandegriff

1850 White Co TN, Dist 1
Cannon Quarles	42 TN, farming, cant read
Matilda Quarles	31
Sally Quarles	13
Delila Quarles	11
Polly A Quarles	9
Polk Quarles	4
Manerva Quarles	3
Next to Cummings, James, Herbert, Newman, Anderson, Carrick, Rogers, Webb, Waller, laynall
Also, in dist 3 is Anderson Quarles 22 NC, living with Holland

In the 1850 White County, TN census one of Cannon Quarles/Qualls' daughter married one of Finch Worley's
sons I believe before the 1860 census  -Hillra Qualls in Sparta, TN   

Pleasant Finch Worley on ancestor tree
Son Alfred Minor Worley died 1951 in Dallas TX
Spouse Ella D King Worley,  Informant J.A. Worley
Other Son James Andy worley died also in Dallas 1901

I have a deed dates Aug. 2, 1816 and Cannon Qualls is a witness and he must revisit the Warren Co. courthouse
to swear to it again because Sanders Austin (the other witness to this deed) now resides outside of the state of Tn.

Hillra Qualls knows a lot aqualls AT

1880 JKP is living in Lincoln Co, TN which is not far from Huntsville, AL...look under the name...James K. Quarlea.
U.S., War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815
Name:	Cannon Quarles
Rank - Induction:	PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge:	PRIVATE
Roll Box:	170
Microfilm Publication:	M602
Cannon's widow remarried May 11, 1856 in Van Buren County, TN to Joseph N. Simmons born 1793 in
SC and died in 1865 in Van Buren County, TN.
Matilda Qualls Simmons had one male child by Joseph N. Simmons named Francis M. Simmons born about 1860.
Sorry for the error about Matilda's maiden name as she was a Qualls and married a Qualls/Quarles. Thank you Hillra Qualls
Hi, my 4th g grandfather was John D Qualls.
According to his civil war paperwork, he was born in 1823 in Warren Co TN.
John D Qualls joined the 3rd Arkansas Calvary Regiment Union Co G
In 1850 he is in Hardin Co TN
by 1860 they were in Arkansas
1863 he volunteered for the Civ War
John married Louisa (don't know maiden name) in abt 1841
their kids are Ann (1843), David (1847), Isaac (1849 my 2g grandfather) John (1856), & Alfred (1858)
Christie Peacher
War of 1812 Service Records
Name: 	Canaan Qualls
Rank - Induction: 	PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge: 	PRIVATE
Roll Box: 	170
Roll Exct: 	602
dollmaking_1added this on 24 Feb 2011
I believe these are my Great Great Grandparents.
Their daughter Eliza A. born about 1855 married Jesse Burt,born about 1850.
Son John A. Burt born October 15, 1882 married Mamie V.
Burt born June 12, 1887. Daughter Ruth M.
Burt born February 18, 1916 was my mother.  
Deed - Patrick County, VA
19 December 1805. sale of 114 acres of land to Mr. Parr from Judah Quarles, Elizabeth Quarles, 
James Quarles, Joseph Mapes and his wife Sarah Mapes, David Quarles, Henry Hampton and Judah his 
wife, Abraham Quarles, Cannon Quarles, and Mary Quarles of the county of Patrick in the St. 
of Virginia.
Signed by Judah Quarles, Billy Quarles (not mentioned in the document), James Quarles, 
Sarah Mapes, David Quarles, Henry Hampton, Judah Hampton, Cannon Quarles, Mary Quarles.
The deed was recorded Patrick County, April Court 1805. Book 2, Page 436.
Good stuff from ron stricklin about Qualls:Roger,

As mentioned last night Stephen Austin 1755-1850 is the progenitor of the Hardin County Hollands
Creek Austin clan but they are mostly descended from his son Saunders Austin 1783-1860 and
it is he who is ten households from Cannon Qualls on the 1812 Warren County tax list.
Saunders is in 1820 and 1830 Wayne County and then in Hardin County from 1840 until his
death at Hollands Creek in 1860. Stephen was a Revolutionary War veteran and was living
with Saunders in 1832 when he filed pension papers and in 1840 Hardin County when they
were living next door to my ggg grandfather William Stricklin. Most web sites say that
Saunders married Nancy Qualls in 1807 Warren County but a search of Alabama records
shows a marriage in Lauderdale County in 28 Dec 1851, hard to explain as on the 1850
Hardin County census Saunders’ wife is listed as Nancy. In 1840 Hardin County Saunders’
son Stephen Austin Jr. is living next door to John Qualls 1799-1860’s who is thirty two
households from William Qualls 1808- aft 1870. John Qualls and wife Mary Lamb had at
least fifteen children and William M. Qualls and his wife who was a Loyd had at least
sixteen, and these two couples appear to be the parents of all of the Hardin County
Hollands Creek Qualls except Abraham and William. John Qualls was in 1830 and 1836
Wayne County and then in Hardin County from 1837 until his death and William M. Qualls,
most likely his younger brother, was in Hardin County from 1840 until his death.
Descendants of John Qualls and Stephen Austin intermarried at least five times.

On the 1850 Wayne County census Abraham Qualls and William Qualls are in the same household,
page 333 household 932, family numbers 942 and 943. With only fourteen years difference in
their age they are most likely brothers rather than father and son, and Abraham was born
in 1815 when Hardin County John Qualls would have been only fifteen or sixteen so most
likely not his son. They are next door to John Stricklin and two households from William
& Elizabeth Sharp, possible parents of William Qualls wife Julia Ann who is thought to
be a Sharp. By 1860 Abraham Qualls was in McMinnville in Warren County while William
Qualls, listed as a Methodist minister, is in Hardin County eight households from the
Amzi Reed place on Hwy 69 just west of Hollands Creek. By 1866 William Qualls was in
Grundy County where he performed a wedding for John O. Charles & M. A. Sains, and he
is on the 1870 Grundy County census listed as Minister Of Gospel twelve households
from Peggy Arke. In 1870 Abraham Qualls is in Hardin County next door to Saunders’
son William Austin and two households from William Qualls, possible brother of John.
In 1880 Abraham is next door to Alfred Kendall with mother in law Delilah Lowery
which would be the house at the old Franks store in Loweryville. William Qualls is
in 1880 Warren County and 1900 Coffee County and in 1910 his wife Julia is in Coffee
County widowed at 88 with daughter Martha Brown. So far I have not found Abraham
Qualls after 1880.

Andrew Qualls was born abt 1817, two years after Abraham, and married to Elizabeth
Hawk in Grundy County on 22 Aug 1845 by Samuel J. Christian. He is in 1850 Grundy
County seven hh from William B. Nunely and six hh from Hardy & James R. Campbell,
sons of James Campbell and Asenatha Lamb, in 1860 Grundy County and in 1870 Grundy
County on page 458 while Peggy Arke and William Qualls are on pages 454 and 455.

Mary Qualls is on the 1840 Coffee County census page 169 with three sons and two
daughters, next door to Isaac Campbell and five households from John Lusk.
Signatures on the 1844 petition to form Grundy County from Warren and Coffee
include Isaac Campbell, John Lusk, William B. Nunely, Jeremiah Nunely, Samuel
“Quawls” and D. Sain. In 1850 Grundy County John Lusk is next door to Samuel J.
Christian who performed the marriage of Andrew Qualls and Elizabeth Hawk. Some
sites have the first wife of Cannon Qualls as Matilda and second wife as Mary,
so this could be the second wife of Cannon Qualls, with two of the three sons
Andrew and William and one of the two daughters Margaret. And Nancy Qualls,
wife of Hardin County Saunders Austin, could be a sister of Cannon Qualls as
they are ten households apart on the 1812 Warren County tax list.
The following is transcribed from a letter from the War records bureau to Daisy E. Quarles of Champaign, Illinois, December 30, 1930.

"You are advised that it appears from the papers in The Revolutionary War pension claim, W. 8967,
that James Quarles, while a resident of Buckingham County, Virginia, enlisted in 1790 as a private 
in Captain John Spear's Company in Colonel Cavill's Virginia Regiment; after serving two months he 
was commissioned ensign in the same company and regiment; he was in an engagement at Shallow Ford,
a skirmish at the head of the Clinch River, and was discharged in October, 1781. He was allowed a 
pension on his application executed June 9, 1834, while a resident of Todd County, Kentucky, aged 
seventy five years. He died there August 2, 1838. The soldier married November 23, 1791, in 
Henry County, Virginia, Elizabeth Pelfrey. She was allowed pension on her application executed 
January 11, 1841 while a resident of Todd County, Kentucky, aged about seventy four years. 
In 1845, she was living in White County, Tennessee."

The following is a transcription of the hand written certification of James Quarles marriage 
record that is in his revolutionary war pension record file.
' A list of marriages soleminized by Joseph Anthony. James Qualls and Elizabeth Pelfry November
twenty third one thousand seven hundred and ninety one. Virginia Henry County to wit. I Anthony M.
Dupry clerk of the county of Henry in the State of Virginia do hereby certify that the foregoing
is a true copy of the records of my office with the execption of the date which is inscribed
on the record in fair legible figures as follows "James Qualls and Elizabeth Pelfry Nov 23 1791.
In witness whereof I have my hand this 11th day of September 1839. Anthony M. Duprey I Anthony M.
Duprey above named depose and say that I hold the above is a true contract from the records of
said County Court with the exception above named as certified by me.'
from Myra Quarles  saucy_wells at sbcglobal dot net
There are MANY Moses Quarles. But lets start with the Moses who was the Revolutionary (Whig) Moses.
The Court case is rather interesting because it seems that there were many people trying to
prove which Moses was which even back in the 1800's so that they could benefit from the
Revolutionary claim. His son and daughters made the claim in court to prove his identity
since he died intestate. Could this Whig Soldier be the son of John (Grayson?) Quarles?
Yes, indeed he could. But there is one small clue...He died intestate...although without
a will the inventory still had to be probated to collect the taxes. There is a inventory
(without will) for a Moses Quarles in Bruswick County which states at the end of it...
"returned by Court by Constant Quarles, his adminstratrix", 27 July 1801, in Brunswick County.
There is also something I have seen, which indicates there may be a Bastardly Bond, which
might suggest the reason this was in court in the first place. So, it is possible that
this Moses did have children maybe not by Constant Fisher. Second this Moses who does
marry Constant Fisher is the son of Hubbard Quarles of Brunswick. I also know that by
reading the inventory. Hubbard Quarles of Brunswick willed to his son Moses a slave named
Harry in 1779...Harry is found in this Moses' inventory. Hubbard Quarles of Brunswick
had a daughter named Catey who married a man named Lanier. A William Lanier is one of
the people who proved Moses' inventory. So, the Moses who marries Constant Fisher is
the son of Hubbard Quarles of Brunswick. The Moses who is the son of John Grayson Quarles
is the brother to Johanna Powell, another John Quarles, another James Quarles, a Samuel
Quarles and it looks like !"Cannon" Quarles.
The Moses who marries Seth Linton is believed to be the son of John Quarles and Jane
Mallory. John Quarles and Jane Mallory are also believed to be the parents of
John Quarles who marries Ann Grayson and this Hubbard mentioned above who is the
father of the Moses who marries Constant Fisher. The Moses who is the Tory Loyalist
who migrates to NC and SC is the son of John Quarles and Ann Grayson, raised by
Thomas Harrison. He has two siblings John Quarles and Betty Quarles. He is believed
to have married twice, first wife unknown. Second wife, Sarah who some have suggested
is a Trezevant, though I have never seen any evidence for it even though I have tried.
The Trezevants were Huguenot and coastal planters. Moses was from Up Country SC and a
miller. I do not find him in any of the places where the Trezevants were.
The supposition that he married a Sarah Trezevant is based on the fact that there
is a Jesse Trezevant Quarles out there who was born in the late 1700's and first
found in NC. I have another theory for this. Other than this Jesse who ends up in
Texas, my family is the only line of Quarles who carry the "Tresvan" name down in it...
literally for a couple of generations. But the records are times
the names are Trusvan, Tresvant, Truss Vann, depending which one you read and what
year. My guess is the name is literally Truss Vann commemorating the marriage of a
Truss and a Vann. One of the reasons I believe this is there is a James Quarles of
SC who is a trader to the Creek. Vann is a Creek name and there is an Indian
Claim which details a Quarles who may have married a Vann. This all gets very
detailed and for me is a work in progress. The John Quarles who marries a Rebecca Minor
is a much later Quarles than the Moses who marries Seth Linton. That too is a very
interesting line of Quarles. There are at least 3 Minor/Quarles marriages...although
those Minors are not really Minors at all they are Mindus. Just like Thomas Harrison
is a Calvert. As to the John Quarles who marries Nancy (Ward) ... the assumption
she is she is a Ward... is based on some very sketchy information that I provided
to someone years ago. I found a document about an exchange of a black cow and calf
and suggested that it "could" be a dowery. However a couple of people have run with
that thought and ascribed that last name to her. The Indian Wards are a very famous
Cherokee line, THE Nancy Ward was a leader of the Cherokee. I have done a lot of
work trying to prove or disprove that theory. The Cherokee have her line very well
documented and there is NO record of a Quarles/Qualls ever having married into
those lines. However, there is a William Robert Quarles who does marry into a rather
famous Cherokee family. He marries Caroline Bushyhead daughter of Jesse Bushyhead
who led one of the groups on the Trail of Tears. Hope this helps, Myra

From  Larry qualls lrq420 AT windstream dot net

Myra, your post was a great help to me. My gggg grandfather Isom(Isham) Qualls was born
in the Carolinas circa 1790. There is a long lost bible (that only a few relatives saw)
that indicates that he was born in Ireland or islands. I have started to look into the
theory that his parents were Tories and left with the British at the end of the Warand
that he was born in the SC costal islands. From the battle of King's Mountain, !Hubbard
Quarles has been documented as part of Fair Forest Tory militia. Other records indicates
that a Moses Quarles was a Tory in the !Charleston, SC area.

Isham served in the regular army from Jan 1813 to Jun 1814. Isham and Elizabeth Baucum
were married in Middle Tenn near current day McMinnville about 1816. They named two of
their sons Moses and Hubbard. The oldest son could have been named for his grandfather
Moses Baucum. I have found Hubbard Quarles in the Western KY area.

Thanks, some day we will understand how the Quarles and Qualls family names were seperated.
from doctorqualls AT aol dot com
Ed Qualls, Nashville, TN

There is a deed from Patrick County Virginia (I will have to find you the reference and date etc, 1804 I think) 
that probably names the children of David and Judith Qualls. Cannon Qualls is listed on this deed. !!!!!<-----
It's possible he is a grandson but his listed as one of the heirs to the property of Judith after
her husband David Qualls died.   I think this has been overlooked by the Qualls researchers
trying to find David Qualls' line as he lived in Henry County Virginia most of his life but
right around the time of his death the county split and Patrick county was formed.
This is the same family with Elizabeth Qualls Pelfrey.

1804, Cannon listed on Deed patrick co VA David & Judith Qualls.  See letter from Doctor qualls Ed Qualls below.

This indenture made this 19th day of December one thousand eight hundred and four,
between Judah Quarles, Elizabeth Quarles, James Quarles, Joseph Mapes and Sarah his wife,
David Quares, David Hampton and Judah his wife, Abraham Quarles, Cannon Quarles, and
Mary Quarles of the county of Patrick and State of Virginia on one part and Mark Parr
of the County and State afore of the other part. Witnessth that the said Judah Quarles,
Elizabeth .... (RENAMES all the same names in same order)

Records indicate David Qualls (Quarles, Quals, etc) died in about 1804. His wife and
family apparently sold some or all of his land to Mark Parr in this transaction.
I believe David Qualls is listed as the surety bond holder and witness on his Daughter's
marriage bond to Joseph Pelfrey... you probably already have that.

yes, i believe James Quarles married Elizabeth Pelfrey and, James Quarles' sister
Elizabeth Quarles married Joseph Pelfrey
(Joseph Pelfrey and Elizabeth Pelfrey were apparently brother and sister).
So brother and sister married brother and sister. Now thats a tight knit family!
From doctorqualls at aol dot com 5/2014

The Tennesseans in the War of 1812 transcribed and indexed by
Byron and Samuel Sistler, Nashville, Tn 1992, Published and
distributed by Bryon Sistler, &Associated, Inc., 1712 Natchez Trace, P.O.
Box 120934, Nashville, Tn 37212. The top of page 415 shows the following:
Enlisted Men, War of 1812

1. Qualls, Cannon, Pvt. Col Philip Pipkin, Ens Wm Pegram, Det of Capt
Smythe Co of W TN Mil

2. Qualls, Eli, Pvt. Regt Commander omitted. Capt Nathan Peoples, Inf.

3. Qualls, James, Pvt. Col S Copeland, Capt John Dawson, Inf.

4. Qualls, Roland, Pvt. Col Wm Lillard. Capt Robt McCalpin, E TN Inf.

5. Quarles, Cannon , Pvt. Col Philip Pipkin, Capt David Smith, Mil Inf;
Deed in warren co tn 1816 cannon was witness on, trying to find it
I have a deed that dates Aug. 2, 1816 and Cannon Qualls is a witness and he must
revisit the Warren Co. courthouse to swear to it again because Sanders Austin
(the other witness to this deed) now resides outside of the state of Tn.

Warren Co, TN deed book D:
433 - 2 Aug 1816: Francis Price to William Qualls, 35 A. on the waters of
Hickory creek...Moses Rhea's line.  Witness: Cannon Qualls, Sanders Auston.
Proven in court 7 July 1823 by Cannon Qualls, who swore that he saw Sanders
Austin sign and that Austin now lives outside the state of TN.  Reg 1 Aug 1823
Robbie Shipley
I am, apparently, a direct descendant of William Qualls. My mother's name is Jackie Qualls-Shipley,
grandfather is Raliegh Herschel Qualls, great grandfather is Charlie Clarence Qualls,
(2)great grandfather is John C. Qualls, and that making my (3)great grandfather
Rev. William M. Qualls. I live just a short drive from Blanton's Chapel Cemetery
where William is buried. Never knew about him till day and that is only from the
evidence I have found online. The black hair, blue eyes, and dark complexion noted
in a prisoner release form during the Civil War Era matches my grandfather,
Raliegh Herschel to a proverbial "T." He died with natural jet black hair in his
70's. Also of note, the actor DJ Qualls was Raliegh Herschel's brother's (Harold Qualls) grandson.

Capt. Joseph Lafayette Quarles
Capt. Joseph Lafayette Quarles,    
descendant of William/Julia Qualls: my lineage is William, his son John C.,
his son Charles Clarence, my mother, Bessie who married my father,
Charles Lankford Jernigan.
I live about two miles from the Blanton's Chapel cemetery and I recall as a
teenager my mother took me to his grave and tried to explain who he was--as a
teenager, who cared. I have gotten into family genealogy since I retired.
Recently, my sister brought me some papers that my mother had collected.
In this stack of papers was a notebook that I created in the 50's/60's.
After visiting the cemetery, my mother took me to a great aunt who mom s
aid was the family historian. Her name was Pearl Qualls, the sister of my
grandfather, John C. Qualls was her father and she married Harrison Cox.
I wrote down the names of her brothers/sisters and her father's sisters.
She proudly told me of William's history--civil war chaplain.
!!!!!I made a notation in my notebook that his father was Cannon Qualls,
his mother was Mary. This was word of mouth way before the electronic
age and I have no proof of this fact other than the record
I made from our conversation. She has long been gone.
Sharon Harris Churchwell Svenk My Qualls/Quarles begins with
Martha Ann Qualls Copeland 1825 VA- 1884 Lutts, Wayne County Tennessee..
Daughter of Gatewood & Mildred Bouldin...
my Brothers DNA we were contacted by one of his Quarles matches & found our 5th Grandfather
had a Brother...they were the sons of Captain Roger Qualls/Quarles.
Henry Cagle

James b qualls is cannon's brother
Henry's cousin has bunch of notes
Has pic of james b
Henry Cagle Roger Arrick my ggg grandfather was James B. Qualls born around 1810
he had a brother name Cannon Qualls an their parents name was James calvin Qualls
married Elizabeth Pelfrey married in1791, James b. Qualls families
move to Johnson co. Arkansas in 1848 with other Qualls family an
other families names I got a letter that tell what families move
with the Qualls but most importantly they had a Qualls family bible with record
back to the 1860 I got some record of that bible I need to look into that
bible to see what in it but anyway been looking into the family that
came to Johnson co. Arkansas an looking up their family tree an seeing where
they coming off of some Qualls too. It's really hard to find the Qualls trail
because there so many trees that's not right but like I said there a
good kept record been kept in the Qualls family after they came to
Arkansas been study over record for a year now an still have not been through
all of it. Would like to see how far back you got on the Qualls myself I got
back to a John Quarles 1665 to 1739 married to Jane Mallory 1665 to 1719
daughter of Captain Roger Mallory 1630 to 1695 but this is not verified let.

from henry cagle

Joseph newton qualls b.sept. 1 1836 an wife Mary Jane Marshall on their wedding day may 24, 1860.
He is a nephew of cannon Qualls born 1791. The picture of his parents above was taking on the
same day I think in Carroll co. Arkansas.

James b. Is the son of James c. Qualls . I will send some more information on that family later,
I know James b Qualls came to Arkansas with some of his brothers sons , don't know much
about cannon family but I think he move around with his wife family an I found some
old history about cannon wife family her was a line from the Hardin family in
south Carolina an that may be why cannon was in Hardin co. Tn.
Still doing history research on the James c. Qualls.            

James b. Qualls wife Elizabeth snow family was listed as neighbors next to James c. Qualls  
in Roane Co  in a census  forgot what year maybe 182o  because James b.  married in 1829?

Roger this list who move to Arkansas in 1848 I know that Nathan qualls jr. 
Is,son of Nathan qualls sr. The oldest  of James c. Qualls an brother to cannon an James b. Qualls 
but not sure about Russell qualls an John qualls ( son of John qualls).  Do you?  
Also when James b. Qualls came to Arkansas in 1848 , James did not stayed in Johnson co. Ar. 
He had a child in 1848 in Carroll co. Ar. This south of Missouri state line 
then in around 1865 he move to Johnson co. Ar. But I got married record of a s.r. qualls 
getting married in lawrence co. Missouri 1874 an then in Franklin, an Johnson co. Arkansas in 1924 
married again all I know there had been qualls living in Missouri before 1848, 
I'll  read about some moving to Texas to an some of James b. Qualls kids move to Texas an Oklahoma.
Robbie Shipley
I am a descendant William M. Qualls that is buried literally down the road
from me at Blanton's Chapel Cem.. I live in the county of his final resting place,
Coffee County, TN. His descendant is Clarence Qualls, the father of Raleigh Herschel Qualls...
who is my grandfather. Clarence Qualls is also the great-grandfather of the actor, D.J. Qualls.

Thank you Robbie. Is there any folklore in your family about Cannon being Wm's father? -Roger

Robbie Shipley Unfortunately no. My initial knowledge went as far as Clarence, my great, grandfather,
till finding you. The premier individual for any genealogical information in Coffee County for the
Qualls family is Raleigh Jernigan, Bessie Qualls' son. There is only one of Clarence's children left
alive, Irene Qualls born 1928, but I fear her age has gotten to her. If there is any folklore
Raleigh is the best bet.


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